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How to make CBD oil (Simple Recipe)

How to make CBD oil (Simple Recipe)

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In this video I share with you my recipe for CBD here on our farm. We use MCT oil and our own organic CBD hemp flower!

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29 gedachten over “How to make CBD oil (Simple Recipe)

  1. Thank you for the instructional. How do I get the plant? Is it from Marijuana? Sorry for my ignorance

  2. I wish it would be Legal here in Philippines 🙁

  3. What type of butter maker are you using ?

  4. I believe a little higher temperature and about twice that length of time is required to properly decarboxylate.

  5. Great video. How do you figure out how many mg of pure CBD you make?

  6. Where can I find the hemp flower?

  7. Question: if I wanted to make one cup of oil, not two for my first try, is it still four hours in the magic butter machine?Thanks in advance

  8. Thanks bro. This is very simple process. Please tell me that how many drops should i use into food or any food or use directly on tongue ? May i use a normal coconut oil ?

  9. do you need female hemp plant to make oil? I didn t see anything on this?

  10. We gotta meet up and chill at York town beach and smoke while trying out each other's tincture I have the same machine

  11. How does one know if the flowers have high CBD and low THC? I was given a plant. It looks like it's about to flower.

  12. Do you all sale CBD OIL to the public ?

  13. श्रध्धा कपूर को चाहिए था CBD oil

  14. If you use regular marijuana to make cbd oil is there stoll THC in there and what do you do with the marijuana when your done it can you reuse it

  15. You are doing great things. Plz mention the contents in description. Thanku sir.

  16. Wow good video will try making this soon.

  17. Where can i buy The hemp flowers at? I need to make treats for my dogs

  18. could you tell me if you use the seeds in your amount , there are so many

  19. Hi there! I am so confused about the scientific process of making cbd oil… I made some at home recently without a thermometer, and I dont know whether the oil got too hot but I had two teaspoons of the finished oil and it made me soo high and sleepy almost like I had taken normal weed. If there were trace amounts of thc in the bud, then I heated it too much, is it possible the thc increases? I hope you can answer my questions because I really love cbd I just dont wanna get too high! 🙂

  20. Informative video. I'm confused though. You went from flower to end product without an ethanol or co2 extraction process. I thought this was a key step to extract the cannabinoids. Am I missing something? I thought the steps were decarboxylation, extraction via ethanol or Co2, and finally mixing it with carrier oil (MCT, coconut oil, etc.) I'm still learning so any info is super helpful.

  21. Is this smokable in a vape?

  22. How much CBD oil do you add to your gummed recipe?

  23. Maybe someone can explain it to me..All research I have done..tells me to decarboxylating weed weather I want an edible that gets me stoned nice and good ..or a CBD that isnt supposed to get you high?….how can the process be the would mean both get ya high?…this doesn't make any sense to me..cbd doesn't get you high but cbd butter does in a mix for brownies etc?..very confused..can someone explain this to me

  24. How do you know how many milligrams of CBD oil goes into each tincture

  25. can we use hemp oil instead of mct oil?

  26. How would you know how much CBD is in that whole 2 cups?

  27. how concentrated is this final product? is it more than what I can get on the market, small bottles which state they have 30mg of cbd?

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