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How to increase Vitamin D & Vitamin B12 ? | Swami Ramdev

How to increase Vitamin D & Vitamin B12 ? | Swami Ramdev

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25 gedachten over “How to increase Vitamin D & Vitamin B12 ? | Swami Ramdev

  1. स्वामीजी का हस्ता हुआ चेहरा

  2. How to use vitamin e for nail growth and shine watch this attached link video.

  3. Konsa science hai ye???
    Sprouts me Vit B12 nhi hota bilkul bhi..
    Faltu me gyaan chod raha hai

  4. One thing to notice is that he told naturally available free solution instead of selling his own produce

  5. Very beautiful thanks baba Ji you have told very simple things in a very simple way but you have not told any medicine from your side.

  6. Sir vitamin b12 ko kaise increase karein

  7. Sprouts enough nhi h agr aap vegetarian h or dairy products nhi lete h to, vitamin12 supplements tablets jarur Lena chahie

  8. Or testosterone Harmon kese badaye

  9. matlab kuchh bhi

    B12 ankurit me nahi hota hai
    ye non veg ar milk product me hota hai..
    use milk for vegetarian

  10. hello , after i go to lab , and check my vitamin d, the number is 20ng/ml , is it low/deficiency ? but the calcium is normal , is it possible ? so how much dosage of vitamin d3 supplement should i take ? i feel weak , less energy , i feel depleted after doing some physical work , my legs also feel weak and get sore easily after walking or standing , thanks

  11. … when ur advice is so valuable, that you can burp in the middle of a video watched worldwide… and no one cares.everyone still watches to the end. Lol.

    You words are a god gift babaji.
    Thanks as always for solutions that work.

  12. Love you very much baba ji

  13. Baba g mera B12 and Vit.D thoda hai and skin allergy ke Kaaran milk product and soya bean and fermented foods bhi band hai and mai vegterian bhi hu mujhe koi aisi diet bataye ki meri body phir se theek chalne lage because meri sari body mai bhut pain rahti hai

  14. बाबा जी क्यू जनता को ग़लत जानकारी दे रहे हो, पौधे विटामिन B12 नही बनाते, वो या तो मांसाहार से मिलता है या ऐसे खाने से जिसमें अलग से B12 मिलाया गया हो या फिर दवायीयों से। लेकिन पौधों से किसी भी प्रकार से नही मिलता, ये किसी वैज्ञानिक जानकारी में नही है। लोगों को भ्रमित ना करे।

  15. I am suffering left side numbness after attack I walk easily but numeness is still there


  17. My youngest sister is in depression ,pls give us some tips of good memory .

  18. Vit B12 Deficiency treatment
    1. Eat ankurit Food such as moong, moongfali, chana, methi
    2. Kapalbhati

    Vit D deficiency treatment
    1. Do prayanam in morning Sun
    2. Eat carrot
    3. Eat bhuna chana

  19. Inone kya dr ei jante hain

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