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How a dermatologist layers serums 👌🏻

How a dermatologist layers serums 👌🏻

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Dr. Shah showing his AM routine with our Vitamin C Serum! Check out @dermdoctor on TikTok.

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27 gedachten over “How a dermatologist layers serums 👌🏻

  1. Wait I thought you were supposed to apply Hyaluronic acid first after wetting skin?

  2. can you talk about Vitamin C creams vs serums? Garnier has both but the cream is cheaper

  3. I wish I can put whatever I want right now but I am restricted due to breastfeeding situation. I am just happy to have cleanser, vitamin c, moisturizer and sunscreen and I am done. lol

  4. Why is your face a different colour to your neck. Have you applied concealer on your face too??

  5. Is it okay to add moisturizer after HA and before the sunscreen?

  6. What I don‘t understand ( love his Videos in general) Why isn‘t he mentioning the amount of fragrance in this Vitamin C serum it‘s ridiculous. It‘s actually like putting on Chanel N•5 directly in The Face. This can Not be good for any skin.

  7. Which retinol cream is best nd how to use it. I'm 35 yrs old

  8. No toner after after washing?

  9. Which tinted sunscreen do u prefer most??

  10. Your skin is flawless. I HATE you.

  11. Hello, I have a question, I'm research about this since I'm just starting to create my routine, but in a video a dermatologist said that hyaluronic acid and vitamin C must go directly on the skin to work, that is, or you can only put vitamin C or hyaluronic acid serum and in this routine both are used at the same time, and I saw the same in other video, the only difference was hyaluronic acid was first and then vitamin C, so I'm a little confused, I don't know which is the correct information if everything is said by dermatologists

  12. No moisturizer after serum its just a waste of money and effort

  13. Lol so you turn into porcelain doll. What for?

  14. yes daddy! just what i was looking for!!!!

  15. What about moisturiser?

  16. What’s your current routine including shaving?

  17. Please recommend few of the best sunscreen

  18. But vit c oxidises even exposed to sun

  19. Wait what I though I’m supposed to put sunscreen first and then apply everything else…

  20. This was very helpful

  21. I'm 55 and can use some advice! Thanks

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