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Henna Hair for Beginners ❤️ The Healthy, Natural way to Dye Hair at Home!

Henna Hair for Beginners ❤️ The Healthy, Natural way to Dye Hair at Home!

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Henna has been used for thousands of years to stain fabrics, skin, and hair. Even today, it’s a popular (and healthy!) way to dye your hair naturally. So, how to dye your hair with henna? In this video, I show you how to dye your hair with henna for beginners. Henna hair for beginners doesn’t have to be intimidating or scary… in fact, once you get started, dyeing your hair with henna really isn’t bad at all! It’s easy to dye your hair at home. Henna hair dye is easy to mix, easy to apply, and henna lasts an extremely long time compared to conventional dyes. Let’s learn how to dye hair with henna together. 🙂 Enjoy!

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22 gedachten over “Henna Hair for Beginners ❤️ The Healthy, Natural way to Dye Hair at Home!

  1. Hey guys! First of all, I'm SO happy that so many of you found this video helpful! Second of all, there are more videos like this to come, so if you haven't subscribed already, feel free to do so! ❤️ If you're curious about my day-to-day life as well, I invite you to come on over to my vlog channel and hang out! Things are about to be changing like crazy in my personal life (moving, new jobs, and just a fresh chapter in my life), so those vlogs are going to be a roller coaster for sure. You can check out the vlog channel here: henna-ing!Caty

  2. your eyes are so insane! i love green eyes

  3. Hallo, hast du da eher reines Henna benutzt oder eher ein Naturrot?

  4. You’re super pretty..

  5. I think you put your lemon in backwards lol

  6. I used The Henna Guys's Deep Red henna (it has a red clay added) and mixed it with coffee. It's sitting on my head as I type… ha!

  7. i love your eye color.

  8. You have a Instagram, my sister

  9. The best example that your natural hair color will match your eyes and skin to perfection. The post henna skin pulls a lot of red and looks weird. Stick with nature, it tends to know what goes with what.

  10. Your hair looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for sharing.

  11. One of my friends uses henna and her hair is a dry mess with some parts black and others red – I’m not convinced!

  12. Oh my goshhhhh, the red is so pretty with her eyes! Perfect color!

  13. Tienes un cabello hermoso De verias hacer más videos sobre tu cabello

  14. f you want real henna it's not via amazon!! It comes from Algéria and usually used by algerian women !they always used natural products it s well known .. and henna very famous in maghreb seem not have discovered this with that !

  15. I color my hair every month. Can I do henna over this color now?

  16. aaaaa your hair looks so shiny and healthy afterwards

  17. Look for an Indian store. It only costs 30 rupees for 120 g. That's not even 1$

  18. Try to use hibiscus tea in stead of regular tea you will get it more red than orangey colour

  19. Hey, I have natural dark hair like you. Ive wanted red hair for so many years. How do I get a natural red looking color? I want it to be quite a lot lighter than yours turned out. Is there something i can mix with Henna? I dont want to bleach my hair :/

  20. Awesome tutorial. Thank you.! Gorgeous hair by the way. Looks great on you.

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