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Health Benefits of Chlorella

Health Benefits of Chlorella

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Internationally renowned natural health physician and founder Dr. Joseph Mercola discusses detoxification and chlorella.

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19 gedachten over “Health Benefits of Chlorella

  1. Great Info!
    Actually I tried Niacin for the first time last week… And yes, I have to take 500mg before the effect takes place. I get VERY red, and burn on on my arms neck, top of back and face. However, I am thinking about stopping it, because my heart starts POUNDING and beating fast, even though I am just sitting down. I am 31 I am, taking it because my triglyceride level is 500. not sure if I should stop or not, I will do more research.

  2. what is the way that's optimal for losing fat? (0:33)

  3. Have my Dr. Mercola Chlorella here beside me. I am a health conscious, breastfeeding mom. I read chlorella suppliments during breastfeeding are highly recommended. Thanks again for a wonderful product!

  4. Dr.Mercola havve you seen the Heavy Metal Detoxification product from Dr. George John Georgiou which has been shown to remove 448% more percent mercury than baseline and what are your thoughts on it from 'basic broken cell wall chlorella'?


  5. Great info as always. Thank You Dr. Mercola!

  6. I heard it is recommended to avoid taking vitamin c as form Multi Vitamin with Chlorella. I wonder if it is an important caution

  7. @CoachFrank203 Sustained release Niacin is a well documented cause of hepatitis and I would ONLY use non sustained releease

  8. That detox protocol involving exercise sauna and niacin is what the wacko scientologists use and was invented by L Ron Hubbard. I dont know who the doctor is that you speak of, but I bet he is a scientologist. I think it is in the book clear mind clear body, I dont recommend it.

  9. Thank you very much for your video, such a wealth of information you have provided.I have been taking chlorella (organic, broken cell wall) supplements now for about 2 months and already I have received much benefit from it. My blood pressure has dropped considerably, and I have noticed improvement with my achilles heel issues. I did read that Chlorella is very beneficial for tissue damage. By the way I think you are a very handsome man.

  10. Hi….Your products are great and the information in your videos is invaluable . Beta -carotene and smokers and ex-smokers – I've been taking chlorella but i'm an ex smoker ….Is it safe ?
    Your opinion is greatly appreciated

  11. Only if it is from NATURAL food sources. Synthetic beta carotene should not be consumed especially if you are an ex smoker

  12. Can i take others suplements with Chlorella?Like multivitamins,vitaminC…..

  13. Most you can. Might want to take it away from mineral supplements as it might bind to some of them

  14. Yet another free informative vid for the good of mankind. Thank you Doctor Mercola. God bless you and your family!!!

  15. Very informative video! Favorited

  16. Dr Mercola. Thank you for this video! I know this video dates back a while. . I tried Chlorella several years ago, and it made a big difference in how I felt. I am trying it again. Mercury fillings, chronic fatigue, feeling pretty bad. Hope it works.

  17. Love chrorella and spirulina.

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