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Piteba kézi olajrés első próbája, napraforgómag olaj préselésen keresztül.

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  1. I am interested in building oil screw press for soybean Seed,Groundnut,and Palm kernel. The press
    should be able to press 50kg of the above mentioned material in an hour. What are the specifications necessary to meet my need.

  2. what is the engine you use it

  3. If you put your end cap back on then your seeds wouldn't just fall out the end. Plus your flame is to hot it is making your cake come out to stiff. But great automation. I think if you move your wheel and sprocket closer it wont bend your press so badly. Your cake should be coming out the two small holes at the end of the shaft by where the adjustment plug goes but it can't because you forgot to put in your end plug. Just some thoughts. If you put in your end adjustment plug you also wont have to hammer out the cake at the end of you session.

  4. These are currently available on Amazon and ebay

  5. Queimou o dedinho ne??? kkkkk

  6. It was like watching mr bean. Sorry, nice contraption though.

  7. How much litres oil do you produce ?from 5 kg of seeds

  8. It is a very Nice Video.

  9. a very hot mill – it kills oil (vitamins) … artificial varieties of seeds – they do not bring benefits, but you can not buy real ones – it is not profitable for farmers to grow them

  10. Can it used for other product as Sisma seeds & other?please answer me

  11. The gadget makes machine work too slow

  12. Hmm flame — hot,like your power drive ,good innovation

  13. Jou are so stupid unnecessary details in uour moronic video.

  14. Heated oil is sold on stores . Idea of making it yourself is to get COLD EXTRACTOR.

  15. If you have black soot the flame is too large. The flame is just to warm the press. In most cases the oil coming out ever reaches a temp that would not cold press. Also these are a available in the US via Ebay and amazon

  16. Bought it a week ago and tested it today 22 August 2019. Did not work with sunflower seeds, only a black cake came out on 2 locations.

  17. That thing is about as stable as the Millennium Tower in SF. Ya, I think I'll buy my oil.

  18. Say something godammit!
    Him: 6:21

  19. اين تباع هذي الالة في الجزائر

  20. first I thought he uses it to roast the seeds

  21. по моему полная хрень, "холодный" отжим?

  22. এটা আমি কীভাবে পাইতে পারি। ০১৮৮৫৪০২৯৮৩

  23. Hi,, Sir,Can i use a 200 watt ac motor instead of handle to expell the oil? Plz answer me.

  24. Thanks for the video. Where can we qet this type of nozzle
    I promise you Turkey branch

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