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Family Spirulina Algae Farm in France

Family Spirulina Algae Farm in France

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At La Capitelle Spirulina Farm in the South of France, Philippe Calamand demonstrates growing, harvesting, dewatering and drying spirulina. With two greenhouse production systems, by 2002 he produced about thirty 100 gram packages per day for four months in the summer. Local demand for Spirulina La Capitelle noodles exceeded capacity. (2002).

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30 gedachten over “Family Spirulina Algae Farm in France

  1. what the are you talking about, spirulina cleanses the liver and blood!

  2. Is this a lucrative business?
    anyone know?

  3. or simply start growing it yourself 😉 There are several good videos on YT on how to do it. Im actually thinking about trying it out. In addition to some gardening and mayby raise some chickens again. Feels great to be more independent, and don't have to depend as heavily on the commercial industries.

  4. 10grams per square meter per day its not bad really. 5meters by 5meters square is 250 grams daily 😉

  5. Not bad at all 🙂 Too bad he didn't mention how deep it was.
    If i remember correctly you only need like 10 grams a day to get the recommended dose of the nutrients that Spirulina provides. So that 5×5 might get just a little bit Overkill 😉 algaelab dot org has some good info and you can buy a strain of Spirulina if you are interested in starting yourself 🙂
    Too bad they don't ship to Europe 🙁

  6. how can i get some of the spirulina for a project i want to work on?

  7. DEAR SIR,



    HP: 6019-3333493

  8. To all those who wish to begin cultivating spirulina (or other algae), you can order culture strains from this CCAP if in the UK
    If in America: Utex
    If in Australia: CSIRO, and ask for Arthrospira Maxima

  9. Fascinating, thank you!

  10. if you want to get live strain in Quintana roo mexico. check spirulina Tulum on face book, they sell live

  11. you eat the dry algae? any other ways to use the dry algae you produced?

  12. Looks so easy but that is deceiving, I'm sure. I wanted to try to grow it in a greenhouse too. I wanted to find out more about it. They don't give any recipes after they make the noodles.

  13. pr faire la cimmande comments

  14. comment faire pour se procurer la semence de spiruline ?

  15. Hello, the filter cake collects really well. I was wondering what is the mesh/micron size of the filter cloth that is being used?!

  16. pls how can I get your product?

  17. Hi, thank you so much for your show. I want to establish my farm, please help me. if you have a manual which contain steps how i establish my farm in EGYPT.

  18. Spirulina tayar jhalyavar direct amacha mal ghenar ka kon market madhe plz sangave

  19. Are you still doing this?

  20. What type of pump you use to put the spiruline in the mesh?

  21. Hi I want to learn this. Can you give me your address n fon number please

  22. I'd love to visit and learn for my own algae growing setup!

  23. স্পিরুলিনা প্রশিক্ষণ কেন্দ্র থেকে আপনাকে স্বাগতম। আপনার জাতীয় পরিচয় পত্রের কপি ও ছবি আমাদের ইমেল করবেন।আমাদের প্রশিক্ষণ ফি 4500 টাকা এবং রেজিষ্ট্রেশন ফি 500 টাকা বিকাশ করবেন। আসছে আগামী ১১/১২/২০২০ ইং তারিখে সকাল 9 ঘটিকা থেকে বিকাল 5 টা পর্যন্ত আমাদের প্রশিক্ষণের কার্যক্রম চলবে। আমাদের ইমু আর বিকাশ নাম্বার 01950080951

  24. the way of production process seems good but seems u using air life pump in the process i would request you for two things1 the video audio quality was too poor at some places , can make it better 2 if you can thoroughly explain the step to step way of procuction

  25. This video was made by Robert in 2002 when the participants of the spirulina conference in Mialet organized by Jean-Paul Jordan visited the spirulina farm of Philippe and Estelle Calamand, la Capitelle was the only spirulina farm in France at that time. Great pioneers of the spirulina movement can be seen in the video: Ripley Fox, Hubert Durant-Chastel, Jean-Paul Jourdan, I remember I was very excited to be there at that time and meet all these legendary guys !!!!

  26. Dear sir. Good performance.likeit.. . I want supply to i

  27. Me a new projects openong to you helf

  28. Very nice, I interested it.if you say that How to make this culture. Please told me,I am Bangladeshi.

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