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Enigmatica 2 Expert – CUBIC BORON NITRIDE [E73] (Modded Minecraft)

Enigmatica 2 Expert – CUBIC BORON NITRIDE [E73] (Modded Minecraft)

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Watch Hypno play through the Enigmatica 2 Expert modpack! The goal of the pack is to the complete the “Bragging Rights” questline – Crafting one of every available creative item. There are currently over 650 quests, that guide you through the progression. At every Technology and Magic tier you’ll have the choice between several different mods. The progression will lead you to Space, where you’ll have the opportunity to explore custom worlds.



Enigmatica 2 Expert – Twitch Launcher
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24 gedachten over “Enigmatica 2 Expert – CUBIC BORON NITRIDE [E73] (Modded Minecraft)

  1. I wanted to say first butt I liked and didn't have tine

  2. And he didn't look at the blutonium recipe. Poor Hypno, he's hoping to go rftools dimensions next episode ^_^

  3. "Way Overkill" by your standards is barely anything compared to what's down the road in this pack. If it's worth doing, it's worth claiming your overdoing, but really just putting a drop in the ocean. Also, your "It's not worth doing" attitude is only going to end in your frustration when you figure out what recipes require bee produce.

  4. I know you don't like the whole you should do x because other play through did it, but In direwolf20's playthrough of this it was suggested to get into Packaged Auto so you can auto craft recipes that have more then 9 items in them. Just trying to save you some time and explore another mod.

  5. You could try to use the slime exploit you used in the beging

  6. I can’t wait to see you look at the dimension builder recipe… what you just did was practically vanilla compared. Trust me in this pack EVERYTHING is worth automating otherwise you’ll go crazy in the endgame

  7. 512 lithium bars later, he blew most of his stock. sigh

  8. Crazy hard crafting. Hope it's worth it.

  9. I thought that said nitride, not nitrade wth

  10. RFTools is way down the road. The dimension builder recipe requires infinity catalysts/singularities LLL

  11. Use the Autopackager. It is a block for Applied Energetics especially for this pack. It allows 100 item autocrafting! Use the blocks hypno!

  12. You WILL need to AUTOCRAFT A lot.

  13. cheaty things are not disabled
    Hypno: Time to make a dimension made of Empowered Diamantine Blocks!!

  14. @Hypnotizd
    Hey man, use 2 interfaces with crafting cards to store all the items between the two of them on their own crafting core setup. Then set a recipe that says an empty cell frame creates a full one.

  15. You can make a recipe containing more then 9 items; for example for a reciple with 27 items you would need four(4) blank patterns 3 of recipes would be normal crafting recipes next to a (3) chests making 3 random but exclusive blocks otherwise not available in your ae system (like chiseled glass) these recipes would contain the 27 items in no particular order you need to do the craft. The fourth(4th) blank pattern would contain a recipe requiring those 3 random items and be resultant of the item you wish to craft. When you request it, the chest will fill up with all the items needed and you can use ender io piping to direct the items accordingly.

    You will have to satisfy the chiseled glass recipes, you simply do this in the enderio wiring, allowing 3 already crafted chiseled glass into the system once the entire craft is finished and remove them immediately after with a storage bus, using the very little used ae2 item, the redstone controlled cable.

  16. The more I look at some mods, the more I realize that some mod authors just want people to do unnecessary setups. For example, recipe crafting, you could easily relay the information regarding what item is being crafted in order to allow for automatic extraction, but no. The mod author doesn't want that.

  17. 1.2m rf/t well watch your electric bill next month

  18. As far as automating the rock crusher goes, best thing you can do is just set up one for each type of rock and just have it constantly breaking down all of the granite/andesite/diorite coming into the system and storing the results in drawers. Not like you're likely to have any use for the rocks anyway, lol.

  19. Congratulations!

    several videos talking about boron nitride armor and nobody explained how u !!!!

    100000000 likes for you

    ((((forgive me for the bad English))))

  20. Bees are great, they have the umpf^^.

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