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Dr. Paul Marik Discusses Ivermectin and Vitamin D

Dr. Paul Marik Discusses Ivermectin and Vitamin D

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Dr. Paul Marik Discusses Ivermectin and Vitamin D

Dr. Paul Marik will join me today to discuss ivermectin and vitamin D’s role in COVID.

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Twitter thread with questions for Dr. Marik

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25 gedachten over “Dr. Paul Marik Discusses Ivermectin and Vitamin D

  1. I’m finding it difficult to find anyone to answer my question. I took two doses is two days each for 300 lbs and I’m 200 lbs. so that’s 600 lb dose in two days. Of ivermectin. Is that okay?

  2. The literature on this is a lot less one sided than Dr. Marik presents. The largest RCT placebo controlled trial shows that there was no difference in resolution of symptoms or difference in number of patients symptom free in 21 days. This was with some of the highest doses given in any trial mind you, so whatever inhibitory effect the drug has should have been evident. It is not a miracle drug and larger studies really should be done before people go and blow their minds about how corrupt health care bureaucrats are killing millions by keeping back a “cure”.

  3. Dear Mr.Merik, if the scientist had the strong data on how significant the Ivermectin can safe life, easy to get, and cheap, WHY it does not push through for humanity. Now the covid19 storm is still there, causing death and tears of family left. and WHY the WHO also doesn't interested to officialize ivermectin as medication for covid19.

  4. Brilliant video! You guys are rockstars , thanks for trying to save so many lives with trustworthy info

  5. What do u say about vit.d my vit d is low pl.expain if i should get

  6. This is the best cool bean show

  7. I am way too late to find out this useful information, and I have taken my first Pfizer shot. Can somebody please let me know if it's ok to take ivermectin after vaccination, thank you.

  8. How in the world has this not gone viral?

  9. Echinacea has been demonstrated during controlled in vitro experiments, to halt the development of Covid (and other respiratory infections) if taken as soon as symptoms are noticed. In these trials, no benefits were observed when the remedy was administered once the virus was established.There are also hundreds(if not thousands) of years of experience of human use for Echinacea (unfortunately not “scientifically” documented). As far as I’m concerned (where N=1), Echinacea is 100% effective. Several times in the past 18 months I’ve experienced an itchy throat, persistent cough and other early onset cold/flu symptoms which have ceased within a few minutes of using this remedy. (Yes it really is that dramatic). I always continue to take it for a few days, even though these symptoms have disappeared .I live in a country where Ivermectin is unavailable (the U.K.), so Echinacea, together with vitamin D, Zinc, and Vick’s First Defence nasal spray are my go to prophylactic measures.

  10. How did we arrive at a highly biased dysfunctional health care system? The blunt answer is Big Pharma take over of the three triads, NIH, FDA and CDC. Who gets appointed to the top slot of these life and death decision-makers? Incoming administrations have a list of candidates based on recommendations of big Pharma donors.Some like Fauci have been around for decades, has proven to be a solid big pharma guy. Fauci has a portfolio of vaccine patents. Any questions of conflict of interest? Our politicians are deep into campaign money from drug companies. To a man, they write wildly favorable bills protecting drug companies. How can it be that vaccine makers can not be sued thanks to a special law passed to protect them. The sad truth is the US system of medicine is all about maximizing profit, and little to do with safe, effective treatment.

  11. Please don’t mention Fauci in anything credible. Left right there.

  12. So how does am individual get treated by their doctor in early stages,? Can one demand to be given ivermectin

  13. Who in the NIH is being bribed to suppress the truth? To push useless Rendisovir at $3000 a shot against a 5 cent tablet of Ivermectin?

  14. Urgent request. Can someone point me to the source for Dr. Marik's slide in the WHO report of deaths. It's starts at 24.03 into the video. I want to use that for talking to my son's school board.

  15. i am impressed in so many ways, also utu be did not mark this vid is amazing! Doctors keep up ur great work!

  16. Dr. Mobeen thanks for bringing in Mega star Dr. Paul Marik. His golden advice for treating COVIC 19 is most remarkable. Hope WHO look into his suggestion. We need WHO to do the right thing to save the world. We are tired of WHO becoming the tools for big pharma to make money out of this pandemic.

  17. What research does the nih use to support Remdisevir

  18. Thank you Dr.Paul Marik. You will be the record and salute as the Medical hero in the history of fighting on covid 19 .

  19. Is this the same Ivermectin that we use to treat parasites in our animals? How does it work on COVID?

  20. @45:28 still advocating for mask, no group gathering (aka lock downs) and “vaccinations” weird. Love the other data though

  21. I am not referring about Dr Malik, but when some scientists or doctors explain to the public, they must explain in a simple to be understood, if they mention the ingredients explain in detail what is it, they mention the Latin names but don't understand themselves, how are we to understand if they don't say step by step what each does in covid mutations

  22. Oh 16 cent vs 1000 or was it 3000 dollar?

  23. Is someone who has long Covid still infectious?

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