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Does Glucosamine work for arthritis?

Does Glucosamine work for arthritis?

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The surgeons discuss glucosamine and its use in the treatment of osteoarthritis. They review the literature and determine that there is insufficient evidence to conclude that glucosamine helps the symptoms of osteoarthritis. There is no evidence to support its use in reversing the natural history of osteoarthritis.

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28 gedachten over “Does Glucosamine work for arthritis?

  1. Our Rottweiler was suffering from arthritis in the lower spine, typical for a dog of his age. The Vet had us try glucosamine and in thirty days, it was like he was a brand new seemingly younger dog. The Vet said it was hit or miss with no bad side effects for her patients. Or it might have been a placebo effect. Willi was a very smart dog who listened well.I’ve been using it for years. The slight irritation of my finger joints has gone away. I’d say there’s a possible placebo effect but there are no discernible side effects. The cosamine brand sold by Costco was, at the time, the only veterinary brand produced to usda standards, same as for human consumption.

  2. Getting off carbs and sugar will work wonders for getting rid of arthritis. Worked for me.

  3. Granted we (You! The medical community needs to stop bitching about the lack of good evidence and run the damn trials) need to run controlled double-blind, peer-reviewed studies. Granted the placebo effect is real, but it is real for every medication; so this tells us nothing. And granted my evidence is entirely anecdotal, but I have tried glucosamine/chondroiton/MSM on and off for twenty years – without really paying much attention consciously to being on it or off it for protracted periods. However, with my personal metabolism, each time I resume the supplementation, after a month or two, I notice improvement in joint flexibility. I cannot speak to arthritic pain relief, since I do not have significant arthritis. Supposedly the MSM draws lubricating water to the joints and the other supplements supposedly have some beneficial effect on the synovial fluid of the joints which I cannot discount. I might suggest not being so dismissive of these supplements UNTIL the empirical science has provided some definitive answers.

  4. Hi, I took Glucosamine and Condriten for over 8 months and no improvement whatsoever!

  5. Thank you for setting the record straight.

  6. I have tried it for. Myself and dod not notice an improvement. My dogs are getting up in age and I noticed that my male was starting to limp. The vet suggested glucosamine supplement for him and sure enough the limp has dramatically improved to the point were he rarely seems to be bothered by joint pain. Can dogs experience the placebo effect ? 🙂

  7. Starch is your food Dr Mcdougall

  8. I take 2 tablets a day. Not sure if it has a “real” effect, but I use it anyway. If you two geniuses ever find something that REALLY does reduce arthritis joint pain, you'll be trillionaires. Thanks For Your Humor!

  9. My experience is that they don't work.

  10. Love your much info! Ty

  11. I think when there is bone on bone..not much other than sx will help

  12. Im apparently one of the few people that it helps. Been taking glucosamine (500) Chondroitin (400) and MSM (400) 3X daily for over 25 years on the advice of a fellow worker. Quit using it once and started having pain so went back to using it. Better flexibility than my brother 5 yrs younger than me who didn't do a pysical job. I think the trick is to use it before you need it because then it too late. Like you said you won't repair the damage. It's like getting a migraine once you have it it's too late to get rid of it. You have to treat it before you get symptoms.

  13. I couldn't walk without pain in my neck or turn my head without intolerable pain , 2 months after taking glucosamine the pain eased off and was gone in 4 months , I have taken it ever since and the pain never came back . believe it or not !

  14. Diabetics should watch taking it , it made my numbers higher the normal!

  15. Along with high doses of thc and cannabis based cbds…….Next?

  16. Sounds like it would be more beneficial to eat mushrooms.

  17. I believe it works for a short time

  18. Thanks Doc(s) – I've been taking it for quite some time and I THINK it helps? Didn't keep me from having to have a hip replaced! 😉 Euflexxa/steroid in my knees and shoulders works just like WD-40 to beat back the pain for about 5 months at a time.

  19. Bottom line, it's an unregulated dietary supplement. There has to be a good reasons for a company to invest in proper research on this subject. Given the prevelance of joint disease in western cultures, it's no wonder that these products fly off the shelves. It's also true that given the prevlance of gullibility in America, it's no wonder some are making millions on these kinds of placebos, which is what they are until proven otherwise. Antecdotal word of mouth is not scientific evidence.

  20. 3:34 minute commercial started off this 6:42 minute video.

  21. I stand by alkaline foods to help with my pain most times

  22. It is disappointing to see glucosamine not working for so many people because it sure worked for me. You do have to take the more expensive version which combines glucosamine with chondroitin. The stuff isn't a cure but after taking one a day my level of pain in the knees is about 1/4 of what it used to be.

  23. I have been taking glucosamine after a meniscectomy 25 years ago and wasn't sure that it actually worked. Then I accidentally bought capsules that were half the dose. After a few weeks, I noticed that I was having knee pain, so I checked the bottle of glucosamine and found that I was not getting as much. I doubled my dosage but made no other changes, and the pain went away. I understand that science has not been able to prove that it works, but it seems to work for me.

  24. I were told after an investigative scan to find the cause of severe pain in my knees that I had severe damage to the joints and both needed replacing. I were told that at age 50 I were too young to have the ops. A relative suggested Glucosamine, I have been taking it for the last 28 years. The pain stopped after a few weeks and I have had no pain since and regularly run up stairs. Some placebo eh?

  25. Thanks, I won’t buy any more!

  26. I’ve been using glucosamine/chondroitin with MSN for about 15 years. I take it because it works for me. I started taking 3 a day for about 2 weeks then 2 a day for 2 weeks then dropped to one a day. I can miss a few days but then I have to start taking one a day again. I know of 4 people that it works the same way as I did.

  27. -35 year nurses here, great video, Worked in Ortho as well as Icu ,Er Pcu, Lots of wear and tear on our bodies. Took glucosamine for years ,The sure way to tell it works is take it several months and stop. Our experience was, it led to greater joint pain, decreased mobility , when stopped. Now that being said, it was our experience , and yes we would not get off of it again. So what do you have to lose. It worked for us and we are a couple 71, happy thriving and we attribute a lot to glucosamine, chondroitin and msn . Your presentation was spot on. I have also see it work on animals , old .

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