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Do You Need Vitamin D Supplements?

Do You Need Vitamin D Supplements?

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All the importants things you need to know about Vitamin D (timestamps):
0: 00 Intro
0: 39 What is Vitamin D? – What it does and food sources of Vitamin D
2: 35 What happens if you have Vitamin D deficiency? – Rickets, osteomalacia
3: 37 How much Vitamin D do you need? – Guidelines for sun / UV exposure and food Vitamin D intake for adults, children and infants / babies
6: 37 Can Vitamin D help prevent cancer, heart disease and improve immune function? – What the latest research is telling us about the effects of Vitamin D on general health
9: 24 Do I need a Vitamin D supplement? – Who benefits from Vitamin D supplementation

Previous video on skin types and UV exposure:

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23 gedachten over “Do You Need Vitamin D Supplements?

  1. Where I live the sun can be very devastating and the UV index reaches 12, some doctors suggested not bothering with sunlight exposure because all its gonna do is burn my skin without making any vitamin D, so my main vitamin d source is supplements but even with supplements of (50000IU) my vitamin d levels are always low

  2. What if you’re Asian / Pakistani with fair skin ? My skin is really fair so should I be in the sun for longer or not ?

  3. Can Vitamin d cause skin problems like stinging and hives

  4. It's coz I'm already 70 n a retired teacher but to God be the glory not suffering of arthritis. Taking vitamin D religiously.

  5. Because of this quarantine situation I don't even see the sun, so i'm taking 2000 IU

  6. Covid patients get extremely high amount of vitamins, especially vit D. Is it ok with that?

  7. Is there an overdose of vitamin D from the Sun ?

  8. Idk about vitamin D thats why am watching but my brother does and am trying to get smarter than him

  9. I like how there was no lame humor in this, like in most videos I see nowadays.

  10. 20 minutes of sunshine gives me 100% of the RDA of vitamin D and it's free.

  11. Interesting correlation. Tim Spector spoke about vitamin D recently. And said that " patients are always deficient in vitamin D. Though no studies can establish this connection. Perhaps people with higher levels indeed are fitter.
    Im using on off, going to take it for allergy /asthma.

  12. Well done video, but vitamin D toxicity is EXTREMELY, EXTREMELY rare. This is a fact.
    Vitamin D deficiency kills millions of people, and this is a fact that is not disputed.
    Warnings about vitamin D toxicity are all over the place, but why does no doctors or experts warn about the toxicity of other vitamins like vitamin B or C?
    I am convinced the medical industry has been waging a war against vitamin D for decades now. The research has purposely been manipulated by the government and hidden by the medical journals to keep the efficacy of vitamin D minimized, in my opinion.
    Vitamin D deficiency kills millions, vitamin D toxicity kills nobody, but we are being warned not too take too much?
    The truth is that it's a lot smarter to take too much vitamin D than to take to little…be safe.
    I take 25,000 IU daily of vitamin D, which really isn't that much, and I feel great. All my body pain is almost gone now.

  13. Im living in cambodia, the uv is 8 or 7.. so no need to get a sun tan esp for d3, i can get it while walking , shopping… . Right?

  14. What I took from this video is that taking synthetic vitamin d is of no benefit.

  15. I feel like there's not enough study to truly define how much supplements we should take..
    Some claim that we need more than 1000+IU of D3 while the other said we need no more than 1000IU at most..

  16. Who are the 249 people that dislikes the video. Must be the greedy doctors

  17. I’m told by my paediatrician to have 6000 IU everyday and then 20,000 after a month each month. Healthy?

  18. هل من مترجم يترجملنه بلازحمه

  19. Yep, haven't seen the sun in years, I guess it's finally time for some vitamin D supplements lol

  20. God bless Dr Igudia on YouTube for getting the cure to herpes virus with his herbal medicine

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