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DIY VITAMIN C BALLS RECIPE! Chewable, Whole Food Source

DIY VITAMIN C BALLS RECIPE! Chewable, Whole Food Source

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OPEN ME! This is the best way to get your daily dose of Vitamin C! I show you how I like to make DIY whole food vitamin c balls at home using vitamin c rich herbs. No need to take synthetic pills when you can make these delicious chewable tablets!





Raw Honey:
Acerola Powder:
Camu Camu Powder:
Amla Powder:
Mangosteen Hibiscus:

Monk Fruit (for extra sweetness)
Vitamineral Earth (for minerals):
Astragulus Powder:
Adaptogens (to relieve stress):
Herbal Collagen Powder (Beautifying)
Slipper elm (for digestion):

Hibiscus heaven tea:
Orange Powder

Music by my brother:

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23 gedachten over “DIY VITAMIN C BALLS RECIPE! Chewable, Whole Food Source

  1. that actually looks sooooo delicious!! a bit like bunny poop but like the healthy and delicious one haha I have to make it for myself soon!!!

  2. I have two acerola cherry tree or small bush in my house. How much of these will I nees in a day to have my daily Vit C

  3. What are your views on oil diffusers? I want to use one for eucalyptus and thyme. And I'm on a budget.

  4. You can substitute these powders with other dried fruits rich in vitamin C. Here in Lantinamerica you can find Acerola and Hibiscus plants (Acerola juice is DELOCIOUS) but I think you can make your own powder with the fruits you can find in your country 🙂 once you take all the water from the fruit, the nutrients will be more concentrated, and just a spoon will be like a portion of fruit (I guess (?) )I apologize if my english is bad.Nice recipe 🙂

  5. My wallet is crying.

  6. I loved the idea of making candy like this one! my mom has a hard time to eat acid fruits and she is having some difficult to absorve iron, so im gonna try it and use ingredients from my country to make it cheaper. Thanks for this inspiring recipe!

  7. Wow thank you so much sarah fantastic video, so helpful.

  8. wow you have been a youtuber since 8 years?!?!?! I was watching your lastest video! OMG

  9. Y’all acting like she’s forcing you guys to make this. She’s just simply sharing something she thought was interesting or helpful. If you don’t like it do what works for you. No everyone has to do the same thing. This is realistic for her. Do what’s realistic for you.

  10. Greetings,Is there an equivalent of honey?

  11. These are literally bombs of Vit C

  12. I have never heard this item s

  13. itna kharcha karne se aacha roz ek glass nimbu pani pile na re bhai…

  14. If anyone used any methods of her hair tips and worked please share

  15. thanks for sharing Sarah! love your vids!

  16. Using Dr.ademiso on youtube herbs and roots helped me got over herpes

  17. Thanks and beautiful music 9/2020 viewing

  18. dark blue really suits you well!!

  19. Swear for the love of God that my heart was racing (too many people and noise at my home) and I was getting annoyed and rude even and decided to put my headphones and your videos playing so i’d have a calm background and now I’m way calmer ❤️ Thank you , Sarah ❤️❤️

  20. I just know the amla and the hibiscus

  21. wow to the people complaining about this. don't like it don't watch it. Jesus its a super informational video about making fun chewable for yourself. and by the way, yeah, it's important to send your body an extra boost of things like vitamin C. unless you're super diligent in what you eat, you're not going to get all your vitamin c in “one kiwi”. too many people on here have no idea about absorption, combination of foods etc. these are some awesome supplements to make yourself, and as everyone admits, the video is full of ingredients they've never even heard of. so why leave such negative comments? why not just admit that you've at least learned about a whole bunch of ingredients that you didn't know about? if its all too expensive for you, thats fine, no one is saying you have to buy it. but if you wanted to , you could instead see it as knowledge and walk away with a new ingredient that you can add into your smoothies, or breakfast? but no, instead people are on here hating. typical.

  22. Thanks for sharing this recipe! I just have a technical question – since vitamin C is very unstable chemically, how can we be sure that the vitamin C is not lost when mixed with wet ingredients (such as honey or date)? Any advice would be super helpful, thanks!

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