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DIY Fixing Lead Acid Batteries

DIY Fixing Lead Acid Batteries

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Previous battery repair video

well here is an abnormally long video detailing my process of restoring lead acid batteries.

i may follow this up with a part two where i add epsom salt to the desulfated battery and see if the chemistry improves.

first song and third song are from Jersey Devil for Playstation 1.
2nd song is from Ty The Tasmanian Tiger for the Playstation 2.
3rd song by C418 Q

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29 gedachten over “DIY Fixing Lead Acid Batteries

  1. Drip water from my ac goes in my solar charged golf cart lead acid Deca 6 volt batteries

  2. Shurely I wouldn’t be the first person to say you sound exactly like Steve Buscemi. Great video btw.

  3. Not usable. Who has a 12v power supply. Also don't understand what you are doing.

  4. Great video it really helped me to get an idea what to do 11/10

  5. Can you revive a motorcycle battery with 0.475 DC volts only ?

  6. Doesn't work. Once they die, don't waste your time on them. Best bet is too look after them by keeping charged especially in winter.

  7. hey, i got a scrap battery from my friend, it still works probably, but it is all wet on top. my friend has dogs, so it might be just dog pee, but i dont want to risk anything. i managed to get a very little of it on my finger, it was kinda brown-yellowish, but no damage on my finger……… the top looks a little rised aswell.

  8. You have a video on making that desulphater?Really great info btw

  9. Just stumbled into your presentation and enjoy and learned something. Does epson salt really works?

  10. what did you use to reseal the battery cover to prevent leakage?

  11. make sure the liquid levels are equal. Tipping helps. Also tipping will allow some of the bubbles to come to the top when you're equalizing levels. ONLY use distilled water.

  12. Battery acid is 30% sulphuric acid 70% water! Tap water will cause sulphate, it does matter!

  13. Be cool to see something on dry cell lithium batteries in some power tools if they are capable of being re-energized after going bad

  14. Dude you are amazing. I love your videos! Amazing content!!!! I’m subscribing for sure !!!! Keep it up dude , just always remember too alway practice safety

  15. I pour old stuff refill with water shake empty repeat until clean water only comes out then I use Epsom salts and bottled water charge over night problem SOLVED even on batteries dead as a door nail it works every time

  16. Sir William was playing around with it when we met, do you remember?” Jack said to Clare. “He was storing charges in boxes.

  17. Where do you get a desulfater ?

  18. Where do you get a desulfater ?

  19. It's been a few years since you did a video on led acid batteries,

  20. Great video. I have a 48 volt golf cart, 5 years old and the batteries last only about 16 vs 25 miles when new. I want to desulfate them using a battery pulse system like yours. Did you build yours, since there is no casing around the electronics. Amazon sells the BLS-48A desulfator, which the manufacturer recommends to mount in the golf cart and desulfate continuously. Any recommendations?

  21. video was not too long. Good info is worth it. Thanks

  22. That girl was a good presenter but her deep voice was a headscratcher.

  23. They what a great how to video. Learned a lot.Are you charging all those batteries at the same time? Wired in parallel?

  24. Hello I’m very interested in this video and I would love too talk to you but I’m not good with this online thing if possible can I call you Mybe on a cellphone? I need help with my battery my name is Ronnie

  25. might help having an analog charger to put on these, and/or and pulse desulphator

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