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Deal wit it: Stress and Anxiety

Deal wit it: Stress and Anxiety

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28 gedachten over “Deal wit it: Stress and Anxiety

  1. Wow good video, very relaxing and peaceful

  2. speak up! can't find my headphones or Bluetooth speaker 🙂

  3. Thank you for the are beutifull

  4. Is this supposed to be an ASMR video?

  5. Is someone sleeping ?

  6. You have a calming voice and look like an angel. I think supplements are the answer over Zoloft. The difficulties are we all have different brain chemistries so certain supplements will work for some and different one for others. peace.

  7. With such a heavenly angelic voice you should look into making asmr videos on youtube .. ur subs would skyrocket.

  8. Lol drinking some wine…

  9. Anyone else find they wake up earlier when on this? It works for what I need but I usually wake up a few times around 3ish AM instead of waking up around 9ish. I can roll over and fall back asleep but it's annoying. Something to do with now 5htp. The benefit outweighs the annoyance so I still use it though.

  10. other great supplements that help with anxiety and depression (for me at least)Dopa Mucuna-the precurser for dopamine productionLithium Oratate-Mineral helps with anxiety (my favorite, cannot live without, super underated)Passion Flower-Specific herb for anxiety/stressGABA- Neurotransmitter for calming central nervous system, helps with depression and anxietyMagtein (NOW brand)- Increases GABA Neurotransmitters (Magnesium L-Threonate)Choline & Inositol- mental booster (memory, motivation, mood…etc.)St. Johns Wort- Positive Mood (second favorite supp, have a bottle in my car, purse, and house lol)hope this helps someone :]

  11. Hi Id like to see more postsfrom you, so thanks…

  12. All men looking at you can't imagine why you would be depressed or have any issues?  It must be tough being so pretty because men are just distracted by your beauty and lovely voice.  I guess sometimes beauty can be a curse…..???

  13. Is she in the middle of a game of “hide n' seek??

  14. I respect your view do all transgender people go through this , maybe more voices like yours must be heard …..your a brave human much respect ✊

  15. I've been taking it for a little over a week and 5htp really works but I can tell it's just a bandaid. I still wanna kill myself.

  16. How long does it take for capsules to work?

  17. I took 300mg 5htp and it was like a low dose of mdma !!

  18. Do you take L Tyrosine with it to balance dopamine?

  19. i feel like your friend and went to go see you for some drinks, you are so soothing to listen too.

  20. You caused me a huge stress

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