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Creedence Clearwater Revival – Fortunate Son (At The Royal Albert Hall)

Creedence Clearwater Revival – Fortunate Son (At The Royal Albert Hall)

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“Fortunate Son” from the highly anticipated release of Creedence Clearwater Revival at the Royal Albert Hall! Order the album today:

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The album is being released on September 16th, 2022, on 180-gram vinyl, CD, cassette and digital formats (including ATMOS® immersive and hi-res audio). A Super Deluxe Edition Box Set will follow on November 18th, view more details and watch the unboxing video here:

When CCR took the stage for two nights in April of 1970, the band members had reached the height of their international stardom and arrived ready to prove themselves as equals to the likes of Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, and the Beatles, who had announced their breakup just days before. Their performance—which included hits like “Born On The Bayou,” “Proud Mary,” and “Fortunate Son” —was met with a 15-minute standing ovation and rave next-day reviews in the UK’s top publications.

More than 50 years after that legendary show, the original multitrack tapes have been meticulously restored and mixed by GRAMMY®-winning producer Giles Martin and engineer Sam Okell. The 180g LP was mastered by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios using half-speed technology for the highest-quality listening experience.

Creedence Clearwater Revival at the Royal Albert Hall will be released concurrently with the documentary concert feature film, Travelin’ Band: Creedence Clearwater Revival at the Royal Albert Hall. Directed by two-time GRAMMY® Award winner Bob Smeaton (The Beatles Anthology and Jimi Hendrix Band of Gypsies) and narrated by Academy Award®-winning actor Jeff Bridges, the film takes viewers from the band’s earliest years together in El Cerrito, CA through their meteoric rise to fame. Featuring a wealth of unseen footage, Travelin’ Band culminates with the band’s show at the Royal Albert Hall—marking the only concert footage of the original CCR lineup to be released in its entirety. The film will rollout internationally on September 16, stay tuned for more details coming soon.

About Creedence Clearwater RevivalCreedence Clearwater Revival’s 1968 self-titled debut album introduced the world to guitar-playing brothers John and Tom Fogerty, drummer Doug Clifford, and bassist Stu Cook, four young men out of El Cerrito in the San Francisco Bay Area. Though they emerged in a place and time where trippy psychedelic visions were the order of the day, CCR bucked the trends and instead tapped into a rich, traditional seam of American music that connected to blues, country, rockabilly, gospel, folk and R&B.  

During their short time together as a band (1968 – 1972), the band enjoyed an unparalleled period of creativity. They’ve sold over 30 million records in the U.S. alone, releasing 14 Top 10 hits, six Platinum albums (two of which went to number one) and one Gold album. They also managed to play over 150 tour dates around the world, including a headlining spot at Woodstock.

Creedence Clearwater Revival’s canon has become a part of the Great American Songbook. Songs like “Bad Moon Rising,” “Down on the Corner,” “Fortunate Son,” “Have You Ever Seen the Rain,” “Proud Mary,” “Born on the Bayou,” “Travelin’ Band” and “Up Around the Bend” have been ingrained into pop culture — not just as rock staples, but as classic standards.

With so many memorable songs that continue to grace our radio waves and television and movie screens, plus lyrics that still resonate today, Creedence Clearwater Revival is, truly, America’s greatest rock ’n’ roll band. 

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29 gedachten over “Creedence Clearwater Revival – Fortunate Son (At The Royal Albert Hall)

  1. Every time I see clips from this concert, I am worried that guitar cable is coming loose.

  2. christ are those 2 crashes as hi hats

  3. Cabeza de coco después de el manual de Ned

  4. 50 plus years on and no one has matched them yet.

  5. They're tripping balls and cooler than the other side of the pillow, great fucking times.

  6. No way this is them sick tunes this

  7. what year? Whatever year it was, as I understand it, TOO BAD his brother and the band turned on John, the creative force of the band, over $$$ etc. dispute with the record company — IF I'm wrong about that, someone enlighten me …………….

  8. Those short instrument cables are driving me nuts

  9. Such a great band, well done USA you got a pretty awesome band here

  10. CCR what a great live band! I was at this gig and they were brilliant!

  11. Iconic country music.john fogerty ..and the ccr band.

  12. Why did they play the song so fast ?

  13. Arguably the best protest song ever, with genuine emotion and meaning behind it.

  14. Unreal. Genuinely get tears in my eyes at how good they were here

  15. Credence, at the heights of their output, at this point in time, were so locked in and tight live. Fogerty was out of control with his level of timeless songs and songwriting..What a great band.Clifford on drums, is a badass.

  16. The bassist looks like every Beatle combined.

  17. Fogerty going with the “Tex Watson” look on top.

  18. What a great band, too bad Fogerty treated them like shit, even his own brother.

  19. This is an absolute banger.

  20. Post the rest guys, cmon! We've seen it, we'll buy it, we want to see it again.

  21. This is just simply a song of a generation and pure rock and roll history.

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