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Corona virus help simple c, l lysine baking soda

Corona virus help simple  c, l lysine  baking soda

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Dear Secretary Azar II,

This is Greg O’Neill, in Spokane, WA. Instead of going into panic mode regarding the arrival
of COVID-19 in our country, and here in Washington where the first case in the States was reported,
I’ve found answers to stop this viral attack on our nation, and all others.

Here in Washington where the first case was reported, we now have four cases at Sacred Heart Hospital, in their Special Pathogens

Please read what I’ve shared below with some of the hundreds of people I know around the world, regarding the successful use of massive doses of Vitamin C given by intravenous injection. The
Shanghai Medical Association has officially gone on record endorsing this treatment, with their
published consensus, the results of clinical studies of 300 cases with 30 experts reporting their
findings. The consensus recommends a dosage of 50 to 100 mg of Vitamin C per one kilogram of body weight per day, by intravenous injection, this is now described as ‘The Shanghai Plan’.

I’m a Vietnam vet, serving in the Navy, as a journalist / newspaper editor-in-chief, and later in the Army, I swore an oath to defend our country against enemies, foreign and domestic, and right now the media is
actively promoting fear and panic that is worse than this viral attack, which has now been proven to
defeat the COVID-19 by Vitamin C. Yes, I know a huge hurdle is the power and influence of the
pharmaceutical / medical industry in our country, which President Eisenhower once warned
our nation about.

A friend of mine, Mark, sent me a note recently regarding his visit and tour of a covert military bioweapons lab (our’s), where they worked to come up with ways to protect our troops from bioweapons attacks in the
field. He was told the best way to beat any virus was through the intake of the essential amino acid
L-Lysine which blocks viruses from getting nutrients, thus starving them. If I know about these ways to
defeat any virus, shouldn’t you, and Dr. Birx?

Thank you for your time and attention. I do hope you will let VP Pence and President Trump know that there is a way to beat this COVID-19, at least the Chinese and the Shanghai government are now telling

Hi Karen and Dave,

I just heard the Shanghai Medical Association has publicly reported the successful use of massive
doses of Vitamin C, intravenously injected, to cure COVID-19 patients with severe coronary pneumonia,
which is what kills people. The SMA has published a consensus on the comprehensive treatment of
coronavirus disease. Based on the study of more than 300 clinical patients and developed by 30 experts
in the treatment of new coronavirus pneumonia, it recommends high-dose vitamin C for even light infection
with the virus. The dose recommended in the concensus is 50 to 100 mg per kilogram of bodyweight per
day is advised, injected intravenously. This approach is now described as ‘The Shanghai Plan’, the SMA
says its consensus has attracted widespread attention, including on Shanghai TV.

The Japanese recommend taking sips of water every 15 minutes to keep the mouth moist, and to wash
viruses into the stomach where the acids there destroy them. If the mouth is dry the virus can enter the
windpipe and from there get into the lungs. Go to this site to learn more about what is going on in Chinaabout the success of the medical team at the Second Affiliated Hospital of
Xi’an Jiaotong University in China, and their use of Vitamin C to cure COVID-19 patients.

Get this information out far and wide, to your networks, and urge them to get onto politicians, reps in Congress, and write to the President. I dropped off a note at VP Pence’s website about the Shanghai
Plan, and the success of the IV use of high dose Vitamin C, who knows they might

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  1. I’ve been munching effervescent vitamin c they are only 1000mg however but I’m pretty sure il get an alkaline effect from them. Even though vit c is itself an acid. The bicarbonate aspect of the fizzy component should help. Pickled veggies in general are great!

  2. Eat a high alkaline diet. Food can be your cure. The only foods that are high alkaline are fruits and vegetables. Don't eat garbage food, eat high quality fruits and vegetables and drink good water.

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