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Church Folk Know They Something LOL

Church Folk Know They Something LOL

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19 gedachten over “Church Folk Know They Something LOL

  1. Love this !! Why you say you don't have a Valentine Craig. Where is Carlton?

  2. Hate to say it but I'm team craig on this lol

  3. We all know they touching the girls and boys ok and church folk turn a blind eye for position and power. The lambs are dumb as dish water js.

  4. Damn Craig lmmfao. My goli is on its way craig….thanks

  5. Uncle Craig, this discussion has sent me into CHURUS. These type of arguments justified men raping women and victim shamed the woman. Privilege's is Privilege's it can come in the form of White Privilege's, Male Privilege's, White woman Privilege's, and yes Religious Respectability Politics' Privilege's and they all are extremely lethal.

  6. craig don't play no games with carlton ok?

  7. His voice don't match his look. He sounds like an older man, but he looks young.

  8. Where is the live with Che Che? The Mukbang scheduled for today?

  9. We don’t know who he is and don’t want to know. He needs to have a conversation with Gladys and let someone who speaks the truth let him know how ridiculous it is to dedicate yourself to something that shuns you and tells you you’re going to hell!

  10. OK that fact Ron does not know who LeAndria Johnson is, nor Mary Mary, he is not well versed in saying he only listen to Gospel Music. LeLe is at the top of her game and very relevant

  11. Did Craig just say he “is single”???

  12. Congrats Craig on Another Accomplishment & Milestone in Your Illustrious Career!! Can You Say WINNING!!

  13. Lacare, and koryn Hawthorne two biggest gospel musician of this season

  14. Cute feature bring him BK Craig I watch u all the time sometimes most of my day.

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