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Castrol EDGE vs BMW 5W30 oils contest

Castrol EDGE vs BMW 5W30 oils contest

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What you see is what you get… in engine.

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27 gedachten over “Castrol EDGE vs BMW 5W30 oils contest

  1. Castrol oil all day lmao BMW lmfao

  2. Kindly test SAE HD30 single weight motor oil. Heat test.

  3. Bmw 5w30 LL04Is the Best Oil This channel is a bulsshit

  4. this is a cool test and intereting as i watched, a few times.

  5. It's this same like filtred beer and none filtred beer,so Castrol is this same filtred oil

  6. This is why I run Amsoil.

  7. Isn’t bmw oil Castrol in a gray bottle?

  8. この動画を偶然見つけた自分は幸運だと思います。素晴らしい動画を提供して頂きありがとうございます。

  9. useless video. there's no use to test the oil at 400 degrees. every oil is having different minerals in it and of course some of them will settle at high temperature. the molecules are modifying. the oils weren't made to work on that temp. but on -20 or +90 yes. at those temps should be checked something different and much more important such as metal friction. very useless test.

  10. Ustawka nie wierzcie w takie rzeczy olej bmw jest nie do pobicia !!!

  11. did you see how much sludge in BMW oil at the end

  12. Castrol is the best of the best

  13. Always wanted to have BMW until i bought it. Never want to have it again. German cars are garbage.

  14. what will happen if i use on next oil change Castrol 10w40 (E46 330d) they recomend 5w30

  15. fuchs titan gt1 pro c3 5w-30?

  16. BMW and Castrol have made partnerships together. for everyone wondering why it’s says Castrol recommended on their oil cap

  17. DLE PolyolEster Base NEW 5W-60 24H Nürburgring Racing Formula GT3

  18. Damn i just put the bmw oil in yesterday smh

  19. Почему 400°? Раб. температура около 100°. И зачем смотреть на отложения в стеклянной колбе, ведь в моторе стекла нету.

  20. BMW oil sucks, like the cars do to. Dealer charges a arm and leg for oil changes and maintenance on BMW. RIP OFF.

  21. This video raises one very important question, what the hell am I doing with my life and how did I get here watching this!?

  22. How can I trust any Mobil where they get sludgy but they were supposed to keep engine clean?

  23. My friend, thank you for your experiment; it has been a great help for me.

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