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Castor Oil for Hair Growth // eyelashes & eyebrows

Castor Oil for Hair Growth // eyelashes & eyebrows

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24 gedachten over “Castor Oil for Hair Growth // eyelashes & eyebrows

  1. daamn…im in love with those eye brows

  2. what ever product i ever put on my lashes goes right into my eyes!

  3. Even your lower lashes grew! Awesome!!

  4. What happens when u stop using plz?

  5. Yay! Thank you. I used to have super thick brows but they're thinning ever so slightly. Since I don't use makeup much I like my natural face to look as youthful as possible so I wanna nip this in the bud

  6. Thanks dear for ur information

  7. Can i just use any castor oil to have this result or is it need to be a specific one?

  8. Does this not burn your eyes ? I feel like there’s no way it won’t get in your eyes when it’s applied right on the lash line

  9. Do you have to wash your face before applying it?

  10. me i naturally have/had really long eyelashes but idk why i just decided i wanted them longer for some reason, and at the same time i wanted thicker eyebrows cause my eyebrows were so thin. so i started using castor oil, and like a week or so later, my eyebrows got way thicker, but i wasn't really focusing on my eyelash growth at that time cause i didn't really care and got so excited about my eyebrows, but now its been like over 4 months and omg the results r breathtaking, both eyelashes and eyebrows grew so muchhh!

  11. I am glad I saw ur video. I was not sure how much to apply. I liked the small brush idea for the eyelash line. TY

  12. This video helped a lot im gking to purches some i had nice lashes and brows but i feel like sense i became stressed i have been losing hair all over and my lashes and brows are very important to me

  13. Hey just found out about Castro oil! What’s your update ?

  14. I just started Castor oil this week.First couple days, I put it on top & bottom lashes & lashline. NOW I'm concentrating it with a wand on the outer portion of upper lashline ( Hoping for falsies lool-longer thicker lashes on the ends ) I apply with a brush on all my eyebrows, AND THEN I use the wand like an eyebrow flick to make sure my sparse areas get plenty of product.

  15. Yeah it is very runny when you see it but it feels like honey I would say or glue.

  16. Burnt my eyebrows lighting a blunt hope this works

  17. im a straight male and these videos are entertaining glad i found your vidoes

  18. Anyone plz tell me the name of this castor oil…I didn't understand.. Plz tell me

  19. Thank you, you have beautiful eyes brows and eyes lashes

  20. How many times a day should we apply it??

  21. is it actually works?

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