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Cannabis and Parkinson’s Disease

Cannabis and Parkinson’s Disease

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Parkinson’s disease, also known as PD, is the second most common neurodegenerative disorder. The disease is characterized by a loss of dopamine-producing neurons in the substantia nigra, which is an area of the brain responsible for movement. Cannabis, specifically CBD, has shown promise in treating some of the symptoms of PD. In this video we will define Parkinson’s disease and cannabis, explain how cannabis can help with PD, and physician perspectives on prescribing cannabis.

This video was created by Demystifying Medicine students Simran Matharu, Mahek Minhas and Micaela McNulty in collaboration with the McMaster Demystifying Medicine Program

Copyright McMaster University 2021

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Time Stamps:

Introduction/What is Parkinson’s Disease? → 00: 00 – 01: 23

What is Cannabis? → 01: 24 – 02: 34

How Can Cannabis Help With Parkinson’s? → 02: 35 – 05: 09

Physician Perspectives → 05: 10 – 07: 19

Conclusion → 07: 20 – 07: 52


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  1. I know that I ones doubted herbal medicine even Dr Madida, so is everyone I believe  but right now I don't longer doubt it again especially the herbal medicine from Dr Madida on YouTube which cured my idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

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  3. 3. Early symptoms in Parkinson’s disease include rigidity, shaking, slow movement and gait disturbances which can be holistically managed with some diet changes and natural supplements from planet ayurveda.

  4. Dr.ademise on youtube  helped me defeat herpes simplex, he's really good at it

  5. Simply… it works my life has improved!

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  7. soooooo many FAKE TESTIMONIALS below, you scammers should ALL GET PARKINSONS!

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  9. Thank you Dr IGUDIA on YouTube the great traditional healer who cured my Diabetes disease with his herbs medication.

  10. I don't know if this is going to come off as positive or negative, but why does this seem like a highschool/college PowerPoint presentation on the subject?

  11. Paid through my neck for CBD oil with no results. Planted and cultivated my own Skunk and brewed tee from it. Got the right results. Even helped for restless legs. Use control. Will help.

  12. eeee you are lie about one thing, Parkinson disease is caused by a protein which is in our brain in neurons and destroy nerves

  13. CBD is too affordable and readily available to get a stamp of approval because big pharma needs their hand in our pockets

  14. Wow nice video, I also tried #DrSusanOduwa herbal product, I must say is a game changer ❤️ and I am totally free from PD

  15. Wow lovely video! I will recommend #DrSusanOduwa herbal product as the fast rising supplement to reverse and cure your PD symptoms and I rate it 5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  16. Bit of pregablin is good for pd and and bit of nitrazepam for sleep with a gram a day would makes there lives more easier bless em I wouldn't like to be in there's shoes tbh

  17. Willing volunteer here. Conventional medications work on some symptoms and not others. I realise PD symptoms present differently in different patients. Gabapentin has helped with a little with my pain and tremors are rare but I seem to freeze a lot and have slow movements. Any fine motor control is almost impossible. Can we please decriminalise cannabis for medical research as they have done in some enlightened places.

  18. although the study shows CBDs beneficial effects to parkinson symptoms, I think that they will instead develop inverse agonists with higher potencys, which will work better than CBD (stronger binding, longer lasting). This is because many patients would consider the psychoactive effects of THC to be detrimental (they for some reason dont wanna get high). Also, if THC has no effect on treatment, why not just legalise CBD (as many countries have already done).

  19. my uncle has been suffering for about ten years now, seems to have gotten worse lately. ive been searching for ways to help him and this information has brought more hope. thank you

  20. Both of my parents have Parkinson's.For the record I'd just like to say….Fuck Parkinson's, fuck it right in the ass with a broken bottle.That being said, my Mom smokes weed and reports that it helps with her slow movements but the result is inconsistent.

  21. I know i haven’t mentioned how Dr Madida herbal remedies help me correct my Parkinson Disease challenges. I am glad I saw this great doctor contact information on YouTube..

  22. I recommend Dr Madida on YouTube to my friends,  my friend Tinnitus was treated and cured of his Tinnitus including his Sister's parkinson disease was retified by Dr Madida herbs..

  23. 2:52  some PD folks fail to respond to L-dopa and it has adverse effects.  3:53  2014 study found deficiency of GPR6 lead to increase of dopamine thus reduced dyskinesias caused by L-dopa treatment.  4:30  2017 study found CBD acts as an inverse agonist to GPR6 by binding to it which then increases dopamine in the brain thus reduces dyskinesias and motor symptoms of PD without negative side effects of L-dopa.5:30  some PD CBD patients noted reduction in motor, non-motor, cognitive and mood symptoms.5:50  physicians surveyed for evidence-based support rated CBD: 87% for nausea, 86% for pain, 60% for anxiety.

  24. Hello, I think you need to take your time and do a quick tour of the Weedborn site.

  25. I have a friend who has Parkinson's. Medical marijuana is not available in Kansas. How can I help my friend with what is available on the street? What I mean is smoking marijuana effective? Is ingesting marijuana more effective? Should we go to Colorado where marijuana is legal and get edibles? My guess is going to Colorado to get edibles might be the best way to get something repeatable.

  26. The piece about illicit recreational 'abuse' draws the parallel to the notion that bitcoin is used by criminals, where the dollar has been used by criminals for decades.Cannabis was originally, illegally outlawed by the member of congress criminal Harry Anslinger (1939) for his media friend William Hearst who had big money wrapped up in timber for paper. This was the reason cannabis was outlawed being a major threat to his investments. If you want to find out a truth, follow the money, it was nothing to do with mental health of the youth, pushed by Anslinger.

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