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Boswellia: An Herb to treat inflammation.

Boswellia: An Herb to treat inflammation.

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18 gedachten over “Boswellia: An Herb to treat inflammation.

  1. Thank God in heaven for those people that love the dog and making sure that they OK I think God for you and may he continue to bless you so you can protect more dogs in love your dogs

  2. I have some boswellia sacra, frereana etc essential oils. Would it be sufficient to just rub the pure essential oil on the area that you want to treat?

  3. Would enjoy 20 minutes or more on your mental capacity or brain supplement regimen. What supps do you take daily and in what doses? Thanks for all your entertaining and informative content always!

  4. Hello Jerry, Can you do a video on Prednisone? I'm currently on it due to multiple joints inflammation.

  5. Costco has one with bozwellia, turmeric and the black pepper..

  6. How bout the dreaded a.c. joint knot swelling? My left one swells if I lift heavy barbell movements in particular. Dumbell's and machines not so much but some.

  7. Kisses & hugs to Bruno, long life ! He is lucky to be with you 🙂 Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I agree as for the benefits of Botswellia, it is part of my formula called “Inflarelief”, I used to take it against electromagnetic wave allergy disease and I think it prevented also inflammation in articulations, arthritis etc.

  8. You referred to your asthma and a herb [?] whose name I couldn't catch. I have COPD /asthma – do you have any suggestions please ?

  9. Great video thanks Jerry. Yeah I'm with ya for the same reason I take supps.

  10. I've been using Boswellia for the past 4 weeks it does makes a slight difference

  11. Jerry can you post the links to the studies?

  12. Hi Jerry, thanks for another excellent video. Very informative. I'd like to place a video request please for pregnenolone. I know you have already done a video on DHEA. I think it would be great if you could also do a video on pregnenolone. Thanks.

  13. If you need an idea for a video subject i would be very interested in hearing about acai berries and dried powderized forms of berries (like blueberry powder) which is being markeded widely today as “superfoods” vs fresh berries in terms of health benefits, drawbacks etc. As always great in depth video. PS. may Bruno continue to make guest appearances in you videos to come.

  14. Hey Jerry, I cannot find true information through all the bullshit online about relieving ''hot flashes'' . My wife and many other female relatives turning 50 are heavily complaining about these ''hot flashes'', (heading into menopause). A video about how to treat or relieve hot flashes would be of great use, since it often disrupts their daily activities and sleep.

  15. Would love to hear your thoughts on vanadyl sulfate!!

  16. I just discovered Boswellia this week and have begun ingestion. Time will tell. I’m optimistic as I’ve already felt the breathing clear benefits. I’d like to get ahead of inflammatory aging disease. The 5-LOX “killer enzyme” that increases with age is inhibited with Boswellia. Wild Elephants grazing on it live twice as long and they do feed it to horses in higher dose. Is there a lab test for 5-Lipoxygenase levels in body? What is inert (safe) level I wonder?

  17. Another clear informative and sensibly formulated video!! Thank you so much! One concern… can Boswellia be used to relieve the symptoms of diverticulitis or help to protect those with diverticulosis at least from diverticulitis flare ups? Thanks in advance.

  18. i am taking actually boswellia in nano form wich prevent the lost in digestion ,, more expensive. its from one planet nutrition .

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