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Boron Tribromide – Periodic Table of Videos

Boron Tribromide – Periodic Table of Videos

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Debbie, our self-confessed Boron lover, demonstrates the fuming of Boron Tribromide. More links in description below ↓↓↓

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30 gedachten over “Boron Tribromide – Periodic Table of Videos

  1. @tab2do Dude this was more than a year ago =P

  2. @mehn19364 what does that mean then hmmm

  3. boron ? more like!….. wait a minute …

  4. To me boron is just a triangle of aluminum.

  5. i have weirdest boron right now…

  6. she gives me the bigest Boron ever!

  7. But seriously. I'd hit that so many times i'd break my Boron for her.

  8. 6:10 This could be a stupid question, but why is this HBr – hydrogen bromide and not BrH – bromine hydride? Is there some sort of rule that determines which order the elements are stated in a compound based on the way they are combined, or is it just a arbitrary decision of which one sounds better, like why is it CO – carbon monoxide, and not OC – oxygen carbide

  9. It may be that the element that gives electrons is written first, so HCl, HBr, CO …
    I don't know what is the rule for more complicated formulas, for example H2SO4 – why not SH2O4(in the order from most positive to most negative)or SO4H2(closer to what the molecule looks like-hydrogen attached to oxygen attached to sulfur, kinda like the organic compounds are written).But then NH3 is reversed-it should be H3N if the positive ion/donor was written first.It would be interesting to know the rules.

  10. In an age where stupidity is king, I especially like the fact that Debbie is so into Boron. At one point she is about ready to jump out of her Nikis over the chemical reaction and if she had, I would have appluded her for doing so. It is nice to know that there are still people walking on this planet, hands waving wildly, eyes wide as saucers, that embody knowledge and learning. : )

  11. Sounds complicated. I hadn't even thought of the charge playing a part in deciding how the compound is named. I'm sure Brady and the periodic videos team could make it very easy for us all to understand. Everyone should give Philip's comment thumbs up so Brady will notice it and make us a video that explains it simply.

  12. where does the professor get his wiggly giggly tetrahedrons?

  13. Well, that “knob” could be interpreted as the empty 2p Atomic Orbital that accepts the electrons from a nucleophile/Lewis base.

  14. I find this element a bit Boron.

  15. Maybe you're just a… boron? I keed, I keed.

  16. He got twelve of them as a gift from the company who make them. Check out the video called “More Wiggly Gigglys” on NottinghamScience.

  17. why does he have so many dog toys?

  18. i did a project on a similar compound called sodium boraflorabate

  19. Fuming was interesting, but let's see more boron (or BBr3) chemistry. Reacting with ammonia as the professor commented certainly looks interesting for example.

  20. Nobody does it like molten boron!

  21. LOL. Was googling it and? Periodic Videos have a video about it! OMG! ^.^

  22. Trap to trap distillation is a great way to move BBr3 around without stopping up syringes. This method is also a great way to purify BBr3, and so it is true that pure BBr3 is colorless.

  23. I've used BF3.OEt2 this week for the first time. Very intimidating stuff giving off large white fumes, scared me 😮

  24. Wow! The professor 10 years ago!

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