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AUTISM And Sleep | 5 HTP And Melatonin (WHO WINS?)

AUTISM And Sleep | 5 HTP And Melatonin (WHO WINS?)

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This Autism and Sleep hack will help you sleep better as a person on the autism spectrum.


There is always a discussion about autism and sleep the fact that lots of people with an autism spectrum disorder have issues with sleeping.

Autism and sleep problems are always something that we are battling to try and overcome parents are trying to pull their hair out thinking how can they help the children sleep better and adults with autism are having sleepless nights and worrying about how to solve the problem.

In this video I’m discussing how autism and sleep can be overcome by using certain herbal and non-herbal supplements such as melatonin and 5HTP.

There are so many different autism treatments available for sleep disorders but a person with autism or Asperger’s Syndrome can use the techniques that I lay out in this video to help them with their sleep habits.







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Children’s Mercy Kansas City – Sleep 101 for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders:

MDedge: news and insights for busy physicians – High prevalence of sleep problems in children with autism spectrum disorder: 8

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24 gedachten over “AUTISM And Sleep | 5 HTP And Melatonin (WHO WINS?)

  1. Sleep is hit and miss for me. I rely on my earplugs, without them sleep is not an option. This video is is very helpful because the nights when I can't sleep are usually when something important is planned for the next day so I should get a good nights rest. Never tried any medication because the thought kind of freaks me out. Thank you for your review, I will definitely look into that more.

  2. I had night terrors as a kid but since High School i've been taking melatonin most nights to sleep and I would say if anything I dream less. Might be because i have ADHD, maybe NT people get nightmares from it more often?

  3. When I was like maybe 7 years old I had to take melatonin to help me sleep. Funny fact: I was scared to sleep because I have paranoia and hallucinate so yeah sleep was scary for me. Melatonin gave me horrible nightmares after a while and my therapist recommended me melatonin not so long ago because she thought I was paranoid because I didn't sleep. Yeahhhhh melatonin is only gonna make that worse with the nightmares.

  4. Loved the vid and shared to my friend Drew. He's an aspie w sleep problems.

  5. One way I get myself to sleep is by singing nursery rhymes in my head and developing an “ear worm” that blocks out all the other thoughts.

  6. Hi Dan,thank you for doing what you do.I actually used to have a moon phase calendar just like that and have also noticed my energy and concentration levels seem tied to moon cycles, but never really followed up on that too hard due to living a never-ending crisis for years now. It's neat to see that yourself and others here in the comments have noticed this as well.A quick note about the melatonin. I've struggled with severe insomnia for as long as I can remember and have tried melatonin on a few occasions since first hearing about it in college, and it always gave me super vivid nightmares for a bit before leaving me a groggy zombie all day so I never really kept it up for long. Then when I was suddenly hit with some pretty serious PTSD a few years ago I was looking around online for sleep advice (I always avoided doctors, their offices and other institutions like the plague before burnout set in) and found a handful of forums online where people insisted you need to take ungodly amounts of the stuff for it to be effective. So after one particularly rough week where I had gotten almost no sleep at all, not generally being one to refuse my curiosity, I took their advice and had seven or eight regular doses of melatonin (I can't remember how many mg it worked out to) and washed it down with a bottle of sake (because apparently undiagnosed PTSD leads aspies to terrible decisions) and it caused the strangest bout of semi-lucid nightmare sleep walking ever. I've never been much of a sleepwalker, my brother had a bit when he was a kid but grew out of it as far as I know. Anyways the next day I woke up with a gash on my forehead and had apparently sent obscure, random messages from in my nightmare to the last person who had messaged me on some app on my phone. Needless to say I haven't touched melatonin since.So a word of advice if anyone's been told it's best to “macro-dose” with melatonin: It isn't. The forums that say so are wrong and no matter how desperate you get for sleep there are probably better options out there.I ended up exploring alternative sleep schedules last year to help get off prescription sleeping pills and my body settled itself into a triphasic routine after about a week of just seeing what happened. It's not for everybody but when I was living in a place where it was possible it did wonders for me.Sorry for the super long comment. Thank you again for everything, Dan. You're an inspiration and your channel has helped me immensely through the roughest patches of my life these past years.

  7. Paused @ 0:16 for this: 5 HTP works very well for me. I may be a little “slow” after waking up, but, it fades quickly. I just started using it last May(?) But, I have to take it when I'm more than 6 hours from my alarm (for work) otherwise, I won't take it. At 6 hours the fog is a little tough to get thru in the morning. I have not tried 5 HTP with less time to sleep. I can't remember if I ever tried Melatonin. I probably did at some point in my life. I guess it didn't help enough to continue? OK lets watch which one wins!

  8. End of the video: Yes, the nightmares from Melatonin… Yes, I remember now. That, is why I stopped taking it (Related to my PTSD). I haven't taken 5 HTP (Vegan 100mg) for very long or often enough to have any negative effects, other than the heavy fog, 1st thing in the morning, when I get about 6 hrs sleep or a little less. I should also include, I have ADHD, too.For me: 5 HTP = blissful 6+ hrs of deep sleep (More than 6, preferred) for optimal recharge

  9. Good sleep is not about what you add to your diet, but what you take out, namely carbohydrates. Carbs (sugars are concentrated carbs), raise your bold glucose levels, which cause your body to increase insulin production. This drives all your cells harder, including the nerve cells in your brain. I avoid food with added sugar, like biscuits, cakes and bread. fruit juices and alcohol, and limit things like chips, white rice and pasta and sleep 8 hours a night, no problem.

  10. Maybe try some Thc bro

  11. I just started melatonin and the first day was HELL but it's really working because I'm not rushing on the bedtime decrease to reset my body clock (30 mins per week) I sleep soooo much better!!!! I actually fall asleep instead of staying awake trying to sleep till 4:00 AM (I know because there's a weird beeping that happens every night at 4)

  12. I’m diagnosed Aspergers and ADHD, but not severe with either.Generally I have to distract myself to sleep with youtube

  13. Don't buy apple products.

  14. I work a job that has alot of blue light sources. thank you for the note on the moon The moon affects my mood and sleep as well I wonder if this happens with female aspies as well. I have found that melatonin consistently when the moon waxes and CBD when the moon wanes is what works. let me know if you notice this with any other supplements.

  15. I stay away from 5HTP as I'm on Citalopram. However, I do take Melatonin as my sleep patterns are horrific otherwise. However I only need one 2mg gummi (I use Yumi too) as I've found any more than that actually makes me overtired and makes getting to sleep much harder than it would have done if I don't take any. As long as I get up when I wake up rather than go back to sleep for a bit longer I don't get a hang over from it either.

  16. Something else important; melatonin, in the UK at least, is a prescription-only medication. You can only get it from the doctor for short term treatment of insomnia. If you get it from overseas, there is a risk that you are not getting what you expected. Stay safe people!

  17. my problem is and i dont know if its an aspergers thing but as soon as i start to relax my brain starts to race with thoughts and i cant sleep that said i would advise that anyone wanting to try to self medicate should always speak to their doctor first especially if they are on other forms of medication

  18. My son needs melatonin to fall asleep. He needs to take it when ready to go to sleep and within an hour he's asleep and stays asleep for 10-12 hours. It's meant only to help fall asleep and if not asleep within about an hour o f taking it, he will not get the benefit of it. Without it he will literally be unable to fall asleep until about 3am, exhausted and crying, begging me to help him fall asleep. So for us this was a game changer…we had tried everything and nothing else worked. So, luckily no side effects for him. I find it off that so many people were told to take them earlier in night, because we were told it's out of system pretty quickly and so it not asleep by about your after, it's not working. Now, I have always had sleep issues as well and tried melatonin and I also only sleep for 6-7 hours because kids don't let me sleep until noon. And I felt so groggy the next day so I think it might also depend on each individual. I'm just glad it worked for my son. Sleep is one of the most important factors in helping him feel regulated.

  19. Medical cannabis has been a lifesaver for me!

  20. Wheres the link for these.

  21. I use the yumi 5HTP, I find 100mg as it states on the tub doesn't do anything at all, but if I take 150mg I sleep amazing! research says for sleep you can supplement between 100-300mg, do not take with SSRI! I'm not an expect just the research I've done myself! would recommend 5HTP for sleep

  22. When do you take the 5htp for sleep?

  23. I went vegan and it sorted my insomnia out quickly.

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