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ASTAXANTHIN Does It Really Benefit Your Skin and Body? | Chris Gibson

ASTAXANTHIN Does It Really Benefit Your Skin and Body? | Chris Gibson

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Is Astaxanthin really a skincare miracle worker? Does it really benefit skin and body or is it just another gimmicky ingredient? #chrisgibson #skincare #astaxanthin

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*DISCLAIMERSI am not a dermatologist. The opinions in this video are mine based on years of work with clients in the field of skin care, holistic health, and esthetics. If you are suffering a skin condition or intend to make changes to your diet or physical activities it is always best to get input from your medical professional.

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20 gedachten over “ASTAXANTHIN Does It Really Benefit Your Skin and Body? | Chris Gibson

  1. It's also a dye. 2% astaxanthin powder is a very deep red, almost black. How are you going to incorporate that in sufficient amounts into a product?

  2. I've been taking this for 3 months. God i hope what I read about it is true

  3. Hi Chris! Could you please tell me how you make your skin much tanner? slightly orange? I want that look but we know that UV is bad for skin :/

  4. Thank you Chris! Question.What do you think of Olay vitamin c with peptide products? I'm binge watching your channel.Im 67 and I'm learning a lot!❤️

  5. This is also great for your eyes!

  6. Thrifty lady here, can I just get the herb by itself and mix it with a drop of electrolyte water and place it on my skin as opposed to buying a cream with it? Also I asked you a question on yr last video, no reply, dont recall the ? now but maybe you could look pls? Thx so much Chris from an herb lover!

  7. What would be appropriate dose? Because ive seen 4mg doses, 6mg and 12 mg.

  8. Great video as always. Blessings

  9. So interesting! I recently started taking a supplement by Jarrow called Carotenall specifically because I became interested in DNA repair enzymes. I’m looking forward to trying a topical as well.

  10. Sounds amazing! Thank you!

  11. Where in the skin care routine should this product go, with serums? Moisturizing? Would I continue to use collagen?

  12. Hello Chris. Can I use astaxanthin over retinol at night? Can I use it with vitamic C in the morning? What is your suggestions as how and when to use it? Tks.

  13. I have heard it’s not a good idea to buy skin care from Amazon. Do you think it ok?

  14. Thank you so much Chris!

  15. Im using it as supplement for 5 years now and it makes wonder to skin and health

  16. It's anti-aging benefits go far beyond skin deep. It activates Sirt1, nrf2, KLOTHO and FOXO3 pathways. This supplement is an anti-aging powerhouse.

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