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African Soul Food

African Soul Food

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Happy Sunday #KingsandQueens:
Sunday’s for me are for my Skin , Body and Soul .
Today I am having some African Soul food for lunch with my grandpa (Mr.Montia )
Though his body is not here I feel his presence – so we are having lunch together today.
Tz And Ayoyo soup is super delicious , nourishing and satisfying.
Ayoyo leaves is also called Ewedu in Nigeria and Corchorus in English.
The seeds are used as a flavouring, and a herbal tea is made from the dried leaves. –
The leaves of Corchorus which make the soup is rich in betacarotene, iron, calcium, and vitamin C. The plant has an antioxidant activity with a significant α-tocopherol equivalent vitamin E which is super great for your skin.
Ayoyo is served with tomato stew and your choice of protein.
Tz & Ayoyo is a great vegetarian dish .
So wash up your hands and let’s eat . 😋

#RIP Grandpa
Skin @hamamatafricanbeauty
Music #Salif Keita

#hamamat #africa #sheabutter #africanbeauty #naturalskincare #blackisbeautiful

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23 gedachten over “African Soul Food

  1. First XD.It looks so yummy! And your dress is so pretty!!!

  2. I need that dress in my life!!

  3. I love that dish my aunt made it for me my first trip to Ghana

  4. that's how I grandparents used to eat in the South with their hands they got that from Africa

  5. I see her as a Earth Goddess and Im european XD

  6. The way your skin glows is so beautiful

  7. I love your videos, I just wish they were longer!!!

  8. I'm in awe of how gorgeous you are, wtf.

  9. Love your videos but It's way tooooooooooooo short

  10. I like that music. Please what's your tribe

  11. Ok so this is about your skin what do you use to cleanse your face? Your skin looks amazing btw….

  12. Dongo Dongo . That’s how this stew is called in my country ( Gabon )

  13. omg everyday is about your skin

  14. you are so divine and godly its sickening

  15. I need the title of the song, can someone help me?

  16. You always look beautiful sista

  17. this is an amazing video and i need the title of that song. it accompanies the video very well

  18. nice video …. beautyiful

  19. Beautiful and Thank You for sharing.

  20. You’re unbelievably gorgeous. Make a video about some things about yourself, please. Education, traveled? Childhood and future aspirations! So excited

  21. Would lovvve the recipe for the green soup!

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