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A Lazy Day For The Worlds Best Powerlifter

A Lazy Day For The Worlds Best Powerlifter

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26 gedachten over “A Lazy Day For The Worlds Best Powerlifter

  1. I actually train fishing at Tempoross before the gym. Haven't gotten to the mining grind yet.

  2. This ain’t Taylor atwood

  3. bruh the bench was flying

  4. That's bs. Jamal is much better

  5. Non Exorcist Bench Arch,2.69 Times BW BenchConvencional Without Straps Of 405 KG At 96.6 KG (4.19 BW)Squat Of 345 KG At 96.6 KG BW (3.57 BW)A G.O.A.T, Pound For Pound John Haack Is The Most Strongest Lifter In WorldIn History Of Pound For Pound, The Strongest Is Lamar Gant, He Lifted In Deadlift 310 KG At 60 KG BW, Squated 270 KG, And RAW Bench Of 145 KG

  6. John is the perfect storm. Ed Coan 2.0

  7. First argument doesn't make sense. You could argue that his Squat would go up more if he squatted lowbar.

  8. Did not expect too see runescape on here lol. I am still on rs3 bout to break 5b xp this month prob play osrs after max got a few 99s there.

  9. worlds GOAT of powerlifting is LAMAR GANT lb for lb 12x bodyweight total.

  10. why do people hate high bar squats?

  11. “light sets of 6” 200kg bench ..

  12. John and me have a lot in common. My doctor also said that I am morbidly a beast.

  13. John Haack is inhuman. I wonder what sort of numbers he could get to if he piled the weight on. There was a rumour he was considering strongman. He will need to let go of the lean to be successful there. I think that was Larry’s problem. Not willing to say good bye to the six pack.

  14. John Haack is an absolute freak of nature

  15. 1:20 – If he did 1010kg in competition it would be the best performance in the 90, 100 or 110kg class.

  16. Non sense title, Worlds best powerlifter by far is sergey fedosienko. Jsut cos John is American and famous there doesn’t make him best. John is not even second best, i would say there are few names to argue for second best,

  17. john haack really chose difficulty extreme with powerlifting. high bar squat little arch bench and conventional dead. now he just needs to switch to double overhand deadlift and close grip bench

  18. No he is not. The best is is dave Hoff bar none

  19. I’d take 1,100 lb 3 lift total, lol.

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