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5-HTP For Lucid Dreaming: Dosage, Warnings, Tips and Effects Explained

5-HTP For Lucid Dreaming: Dosage, Warnings, Tips and Effects Explained

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There are MANY lucid dreaming supplements and pills, but 5-HTP seems to be one of the main ones that people use. In this video, I’ll share how you can lucid dream with 5HTP, and how this lucid dreaming supplement can BOOST your dreams and make them more vivid.



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What is Lucid Dreaming, and who am I?

Lucid dreaming (sometimes called astral projection although they’re not quite the same) is the ability to become SELF AWARE in your dreams, meaning you can control them.

There are also many benefits to lucid dreaming, such as improved sleep, more energy, more confidence, and more restorative sleep. Not to mention the fact you can become more CONSCIOUS and experience the impossible!

I’m Stef, the guy behind HowToLucid, and I’m dedicated to helping you learn how to lucid dream. I’ve been lucid dreaming for over 8 years now and I have a passion for dreams and travel. Follow my journey, and leave a comment if you’ve read all of this letting me know your best lucid dream experience!

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20 gedachten over “5-HTP For Lucid Dreaming: Dosage, Warnings, Tips and Effects Explained

  1. Stephan hi . I cannot lucid dream AT ALL WHY THOUGH

  2. And how long does it take to get into sleep paralysis?

  3. how to have more false awakenings?

  4. Is concerta bad for dreaming and lucid dreaming? Its a stimulant i got today, and start tomorrow

  5. hello, at what time do you recommend to take it? just before going to sleep?

  6. What basic ingridients help in lucid ps i love u mate ur god

  7. Hi bro i have subscribed ur channel and love ur vidsBut can u give us ebook for free cuz i am very poor and from INDIA

  8. I started lucid dreaming but i cant control my dream, how can i? I try to change my dream character but i cant

  9. Hi Stef, I had an issue last night which I think you can explain to me. I had a dream in which I felt like I was lucid but i don't know if i really was lucid. I told myself or just thought a few times that I want someone to appear or do something. It happend like three times during that dream but I still think it was my brain that tricked me it was a lucid dream but it wasn't. I also felt like i'm really walking in that dream so i'm still not sure what that really was. Can you help me?

  10. I am subscribed to the podcast & I was so glad to see all of the recent uploads. Do you have any thoughts or experience with nicotine during sleep? I have been having extremely vivid dreams every night without interruption every night that I've used it & it has been far more effective and consistent than any of the supplements I've tried. I am wondering if that is why it's prevalent in ancient shaman cultures and rituals. To be clear, smoking is bad, and I dont recommend this to anyone.

  11. Would anyone try 5HTP for lucid dreaming?

  12. Thanks for all this awesome information, just what i needed! I have watched you for a year now, and im really getting better at lucid dreaming. Now i can double up my life with being aware in my dreams.

  13. before i read comments i just wanna get out that my dreams have been CRAZY ever since ive started taking Tryptophan so there definitely is some chemistry going on in the body… before taking this… i barely dreamed at all now oh man its quite alot

  14. Yes when i take it b4 bed oh man i have multiple lifes. Qhen i wake up it feels like years have pass

  15. I just happen to already have 5-HTP at my house lol, nice.

  16. I took 5htp years ago for its “mood enhancement” claim, but it gave me horrible nightmares and sleep paralysis. I had to stop taking it. Once I stopped all the nightmares ended.

  17. Does melatonin help with more lucid dreams or rem sleep?

  18. Melatonin always gives me headache and confusion in the morning, tried it for two nights but when I wake up I dont immediately write into my dream journal so I forgot my dreams.

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