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5-Htp and Melatonin Experience Report

5-Htp and Melatonin Experience Report

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5-Htp and Melatonin Experience Report

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28 gedachten over “5-Htp and Melatonin Experience Report

  1. I use this combination for lucid dreams and out of body experiences 🙂 They do a phenomenal job. For some reason, when I overload on melatonin, I feel very nervous the next day, very grumpy and on the edge, I get irritated very easily, yeah… it's a nasty side effect, but being superman in dreams, makes up for it :))

  2. I just recently subscribed and i already love this account your one of my favorite profiles

  3. Ok so imoe I've found that taking 5htp and melatonin which i tried for a few yrs had given me a tolerance for other agonists to these sites basically my rolls and trips were weakened by this regular as directed on labels cuz i rolled a LOT more than what's recommended or than anyone i know so im worried about seratonin syndrome with high doses also i tried it and noticed no difference with mdma i also did notice shrooms had a great effect but it's been yrs since id done those my 1st trip was amazing but I'd taken a decent 4 plus mo break from it all prior all but the melatonin n 5htp my 2nd trip was unremarkable just colorful smoke n lights couldn't sleep so few weeks later er2 actually i hippy flipped and it was amazing had a break through spiritual experience and have been trying to get back there ever since but no luck i waited 2 more weeks tried again it was good but much weaker so i cut out all melatonin and 5htp and am planning an experiment in a few weeks after a decent break this time just the mushrooms no hippy flip wish tf i could get some LSD and these other RCs that are actually good. All the ones found in ex pills ended up sucking bad! (Ha pun untintended but intended lol breaking bad sucking bad)hopefully these things the legal otc sert agonists aren't intended to boost 1experience then make the rest lame unless ya add a mixture which then is also weakened by it we'll see i guess it sucks really does reinvent the wheel here as far as science goes nueral science cuz the public sector knows Fuvk all bout it yet the elite power that be military industrial complex knows everything there is to know about the brain and exactly how to potentiate everything and block it as well but we don't get to know that we must make ourselves gunnery pigs ffs

  4. do they have razors or finger nail clippers where ever you buy your 5-htp?

  5. Do you live in Faversham?

  6. Any experience with mdma?

  7. You present this vid like it;s a trip experience )) I took 5HTp and no vissible effect whatsoever

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  9. 60 mg of melatonin? jesus fucking christ

  10. Good review! I take 5htp and sometimes melatonin at night. Quite potent but doesnt always make me sleep

  11. you have had far too many drugs my friend

  12. regarding 01:30 and tripping. the higher doses i end up in twilight dream state with geometry surreal dimension experience. have visions of geometrical 2D and 3D and 4D objects.

  13. How much mg should i take for 5 htp for sleep i got a mental illness

  14. High amounts of melatonin also can cause nightmares in your sleep

  15. I woke up after taking a higher does of melatonin today and I couldn't get out of bed easily

  16. I don't need melatonin.. A fifth of Jack Daniels makes me sleep like a corpse.

  17. If you have insomnia, have you ever thought of trying the Fisher Wallace Device? It stimulates the brain and corrects chemical imbalance, which results in successful treatment for insomnia, depression, and anxiety. It is also useful for clearing up messes in the brain cause by long term drug/hormone use as well (cleared by other nations for drug treatment). When you take Melatonin long term, your brain begins to stop producing it because your brain thinks it no longer needs to have it since you consume it so often. Then other types of sleeping drugs will further wreck your sleep over time. Fisher Wallace Laboratories uses a therapy FDA approved for treating Anxiety, Depression, and Insomnia called C.E.S (Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation). C.E.S uses minuscule amounts of electricity (2/mA) so small you can safely use it at home.Most recommend using it for a minimum of 20 minutes a day for at least 2 weeks to see results. Some see results after the first day, some see them after a month of use. It really depends on the person. But ultimately, it has a 75% success rate whereas sleeping pills usually have only about a 35% success rate, making C.E.S therapy twice as successful as many types of sleeping drugs. Without addictions, withdraws, or other serious side effects. The worst side effects I've personally heard are mild irritation on the earlobes or temple, and fewer have mild headaches. But many companies even offer conductive jelly to eliminate any irritation. Also look up EBB Therapeutics. It's a new anti-insomnia innovation that just came out in 2018.

  18. Side effects you turn into a werewolf come midnight.

  19. I am thinking of taking 5htp in a small does at bedtime and I am taking StJohns wort for depression. I find the full dose of 5htp hits me hard. Thanks for the trial you've done.

  20. I took melatonin with tramadol and I had an almost small dmt like trip, saw buildings and city's across my carpet, people walking in train stations in full colour with my eyes closed. Very strange think it must be the serotonin release

  21. I just took 2, 400g 5htp tabs. Ive never done this much. Good luck to me im scared.

  22. I can agree with everything you said!

  23. Round up is making us all sick

  24. I had a 5meo experience on both a few years ago, I had a serotonin storm ⛈so I don’t take both any more

  25. I have nightmares on mi firsy day of 5htp

  26. Will you make a video of Datura and LSD/Shroom combination?

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