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5 common vitamin C mistakes | dermatologist | Dr. Aanchal Panth

5 common vitamin C mistakes | dermatologist | Dr. Aanchal Panth

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Common vitamin C mistakes :

❌Applying in In active acne
👩‍⚕️It is best to treat acne first and once it is controlled include vitamin c in your routine. Vitamin C per se does not cause acne but the diluents may make acne worse. As you need to use not more than two serums at a time, it is better to use serums to target acne until acne is under control.

❌Rubbing on palms
➡️This is not only wasteful but also may inactivate the serum. There is no need to warm the serum or rub it. Just pat the drops on the whole face.

❌Applying on red irritated skin
➡️Vitamin C should not be used if you have red irritated skin. It can make the condition worse. Use creams with ceramides , glycerine, hyaluronic acid etc to repair skin barrier before adding vitamin c.

❌Using salicylic acid & glycolic acid concomitantly
➡️Do not use AHA or BHA along with vitamin C. It can inactivate vitamin C as well as cause irritation to the skin. You can instead use salicylic acid face wash which will help in reducing pH of skin. This may improve vitamin C absorption.

❌Applying on damp skin
➡️Though there are serums which should be applied on damp skin, vitamin C should be applied on dry skin to avoid irritation. Vitamin C is of a lower pH in order to stabilise the active molecule. Do not use it on damp skin.
Always use a moisturiser over vitamin C.

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