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5 Castor Oil Uses and Benefits [DON’T DO THIS WITH CASTOR OIL]

5 Castor Oil Uses and Benefits [DON’T DO THIS WITH CASTOR OIL]

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😍 Have you ever been recommended castor oil by a friend or a family member? If so, then it may be important for you to understand a few things about it beforehand. Instead of rushing to begin consuming, take a few moments to read this blog.

👉Read more about the 5 castor oil uses and benefits:

👉 Have you tried castor oil? Let us know what benefits you have found with using castor oil in the comments below.

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29 gedachten over “5 Castor Oil Uses and Benefits [DON’T DO THIS WITH CASTOR OIL]

  1. Can castor oil cures Peyronie's disease??

  2. Hey I make my own Castro oil, I live in Jamaica. I love love ! Using my product.

  3. i use it for strengthening my hair and damage hair.

  4. I used castorl so it can help my eyelash so how long it take to grow back

  5. Yes just put some on my hair had very dry ends its lookin healthier already i mixed it with coconut oil ✨

  6. I am using castor oil for dry eyes n cataract treatment…also together with tea tree oil n eucalyptus oil for arthirits n joint inflamation

  7. Hey.. Can I eat castor oil with milk..??

  8. I learnt that it assist in breaking kidney stones

  9. I am disgusstingly allergic to castor oil.

  10. IIT is great pain reliever.just rub it on the sore parts, wherever and esp. Arthritic pain

  11. This title confuses me you’re giving me the benefits of Castor oil but telling me not to use castor oil

  12. When n how often can this be used daily weekly or what?hav u used for ur own use or just copied for vdo? Bcz I'm just fed up following numerous ppls tutorials

  13. Can we use caster oil for weight lose and hair every day plz. Reply

  14. i used for skin as a moisturizing

  15. Jamaica have a lot of castor oil as well.

  16. Thank you for all this information
    anothers Benefits and Uses of Castor Oil
    A Powerful Laxative.
    A Natural Moisturizer. Castor oil is rich in ricinoleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid.
    Promotes Wound Healing.
    Impressive Anti-Inflammatory Effects.
    Reduces Acne.
    Fights Fungus.
    Keeps Your Hair and Scalp Healthy.

  17. Facial hair? Does castor oil increase the growth of castor oil

  18. Will castor oil help me to get rid of premature grey hair , and with which oil should I mix it with for my hair?

  19. In every single haitian houses you will find castor oil. We use it for many purpose: on your whole body for fever and cold (and cover yourself with a blanket), headache, body and muscle pain, for hair growing, cleanse your intestin (mix with other natural haitian tisane)…castor oil in Haiti aka “Lwil maskreti” is the real deal. They even use it right now against the symptoms of COVID-19. We believe more on castor oil than tylenol, advil, AZ…

  20. Would Castor oil help with dark circles?

  21. Is it good for treating a child’s rash?

  22. I use Castor oils to put on my scalp also I mix it with olive oil boil with aloe vera

  23. I used it for my eye lashes, eye brows and hair

  24. The ricin in castor oil is an irritant to the bowel and kidneys And should not be ingestedIt is toxic to the bodyEat a big bowel of soft prunes at night instead of castor oilA few points you missedA castor oil is known as “la Palma Christa’ ‘ and is the only oil that is a Medicine by definition Many central benefits and after benefitsNo side effects2. I have many patients who have used castor oil for dry eyes and cataracts1 or 2 drops of cold pressed into each eye just before sleepApply while sitting in the bed2. Edgar Cayce aka The Sleeping Prophet was the man who brought castor oil to the American publicTwo American Presidents consulted with himCayce books are availableOne on the medicinal uses of castor oil

  25. Yes l used it on my skin and in my year. Like your video. Thanks for your info. Ruby from Mandeville Ja

  26. Which type of oli can I use for my face

  27. I have just been diagnosed with gallbladder problems and was hospitalised for 9 days, during UK lockdown arrgghh, with jaundice and in excruciating unbearable pain that required morphine.. I have been using castor oil with a hot compress over the area, to ease the pain and because I read it is absorbed by the skin and finds its way into the liver and into the gallbaldder and helps clear out the sludge and gall stones. I have used it along with a diet consisting of loads of green vegetables and apples and ginger, and yes after several days, the gall bladder cramps started and I was bed ridden for a day with the pain and cramps, and then I passed what can be described as what appeared to be grit. I purposely avoided taking olive oil or castor oil orally. Slowly using this, everything has returned to a normal colour,including my eyes, the whites which have gone from yellowy colour to blue. I am trying to avoid surgery and am hoping this will continue.

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