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4500 MG! The Best Way To Make Cannabis Oil

4500 MG! The Best Way To Make Cannabis Oil

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21+ Educational Purposes OnlyNothing For SaleThis video and it’s statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or ailments.

NugSmasher was founded with one idea in mind – Rosin Made Simple. We’re here to offer an abundance of information that we have learned from years of experience by supplying our viewers with educational videos regarding medical marijuana.

In this video, we show users how to make their own CBD Oil using the NugSmasher Touch and the NugSmasher Decarb Capsule. Using our products, it is as simple as ever to make your own CBD oil from hemp. The NugSmasher Decarb Capsule allows users to activate their CBD or THC. The CBD oil can be used to make capsules, tinctures, edibles or anything else!

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29 gedachten over “4500 MG! The Best Way To Make Cannabis Oil

  1. I guess I am old school and still rolling and I still like it. But what ever gets you going. At 55yrs old I don't want to make more work and that damn machine looks pretty spendeeeeeeeee. SEEYA

  2. is that just freshly cured bud or is it decarbed bud?

  3. they give you extra to account for stems dude

  4. I need a decab capsule!

  5. Yo this was really help guys as im trying to find ways to make the best cbd oil for my grandad as he has medical issues and hes tried everything doctors have given him and nothing but cbd oil helps, thanks again guys this has given me the best insite to making better out comes for cbd oil if you have any more tips or pointers please let me know as it will be for good causes

  6. Hi………how much is the machine you are using in this video am in uk and very interested

  7. When I smash my bud the resulting rosin I only mix at a ratio of 1:1 by weight with XCT Coconut oil which I suck up into one milliliter syringes. At that concentration I only have to take three tenths of a milliliter of that mixture per evening so I can sleep through the night. I just ordered that aluminum decarb box and another set of 14 gram bags.

  8. $65 an once! What. In Illinois it’s at least $340!

  9. This is worse than toilet paper math..eeek….

  10. Besides your test and TChecks own advertising, I have never heard anything positive about this device

  11. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME is all i can say you guys rock

  12. Please let me know which variety of Cannabis contains maximum oil ?

  13. Where do you live no one is paying that much for cbd I'd punch you in the face if you told me those prices

  14. Is the hemp oil what they use in moonrocks

  15. Have you ever felt sick to your stomach after taking CBD oil?

  16. Is it a cheaper way to do it if you include the price of everything used to make it? that press is like 2k.

  17. Left out some steps,u think

  18. Nugmaster said “all right” about once a minute.

  19. You won’t drink it out the beaker thoughhh

  20. I'm starting chem this week for breast cancer and I'm so frightened was wondering if anyone knows if you can take this along treatment please drop me a message

  21. Hopefully this works out for us all

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