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4 EASY Tips to Stimulate NEW GROWTH on Your Fiddle Leaf Fig

4 EASY Tips to Stimulate NEW GROWTH on Your Fiddle Leaf Fig

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😓 Do you have a fiddle leaf fig that is healthy but not growing?
Maybe it has been the same size for 6 months or even a year with no growth. What is happening and how can you promote a growth spurt?

Watch as Claire Akin, the Fiddle Leaf Fig Girl, shares the reasons why your fiddle leaf fig is not growing properly. From the amount of light it is getting, to the nutrients and minerals your plant desires, discover what changes you need to make to give your plant the boost it needs to grow.

0: 00 Why is My Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree NOT Growing?
0: 27 Give your plant lots of light
0: 49 Start using a fertilizer
1: 10 Try our Houseplant Multivitamin
1: 39 Add a bit of caffeine

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8 gedachten over “4 EASY Tips to Stimulate NEW GROWTH on Your Fiddle Leaf Fig

  1. My problem isn't with my fiddle not growing it is with it growing so much that I am debating on whether to clip it down and set the clippings in water. I'm so nervous to cut her at all though. I also have a lot of lower leaves and I'm nervous to clip them off too. Haven't had any leaves fall from the bottom in a long time and they're SO much smaller than the rest of the leaves.

  2. wow thanks for this. my flf just stooped growing for 6 months already.

  3. My FFL is very healthy and growing like crazy out of one branch almost touching the ceiling. The lower branch has stopped producing leaves. What can I do to encourage the lower branch to leaf and what to do about the one that is touching the ceiling?

  4. How can I get your product in india

  5. Hi Claire, Thanks for all your advice to the Fiddle Leaf Community. I have a 4 year old one which has grown over 7.5Ft tall but absolutely no branches. Plant look healthy with huge healthy leaves with couple of small ones (I think happened when I slack in feeding her). I feel jealous watching your fiddle leaf which are so robust. Kindly advise. I wish I could attach a picture along with this text. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you

  6. Hi, i use cold watered down leftover coffee on my plants. My fiddle puts out new growth consistently. The leaves tend to stay standing straight up. Looks strange, opposite of droopy leaves. And the color of the leaves is pale. Not yellow but pale green and whitish. The leaves often open with tiny holes also but i have never seen any bugs. The plant more than quadrupled in size in one year so i dont think that would be a nitrogen deficiency. I use a lot of rock dust and azomite for trace minerals and my bunny provides most of the fertilizer. I do think it needs repotting after all that growth but right now i have a fungus nat problem and want to wait. I dont see signs of root rot on her.

  7. thanks, Claire, appreciate very much, this video, everytime i listen to your tips and caring of ficus lyrata, i genuinely having on how to take care of this delicate plant.

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