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10 Mask Tips, Tricks & Hacks To Save Your Skin/Makeup!

10 Mask Tips, Tricks & Hacks To Save Your Skin/Makeup!

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Wearing a #mask is annoying, I know, but it’s necessary for our collective & individual health! So embrace it and wear a cute mask to match your look, while taking on board these tips to help prevent skin issues like #maskne and makeup issues!

Items shown:

Kitsch Cotton Mask:
Mask Bracket:
Face Halo Cherry Morello:
Laundry Bag is from the Face Halo Accessories pack!
Hanskin C Glow Powder Cleanser
Face Halo X
REN Calming Moisturiser
Murad Invisiblur SPF
Peace Out Acne Patches
James Read Facial Tanning Mist
Erborian BB Crayon
Glossier Boy Brow
Armani Eyes To Kill Eyeliner
Ciate Triple Shot Mascara
Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer
Shiseido Synchro Skin Self Refreshing Foundation
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Natasha Denona Glam Palette
Jouer Lip Creme Dulce De Leche (use code CHLOE for a discount on
Hourglass Veil Transluscent Powder
Caudalie Vinopure Toner
Earrings: Rue Gembon


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21 gedachten over “10 Mask Tips, Tricks & Hacks To Save Your Skin/Makeup!

  1. 06:21 what brand is that mask?

  2. easy don’t wear a makeup tho

  3. Pls, the earrings??where are they from?

  4. Everyone is saying toner is moist. Toner is alcohol based and dries up fast

  5. I have solved the problem of acne using tea tree oil and thermal water. After that I am wearing 100% cotton masks and I don't use makeup under the mask, I focus only on the eyes. In Greece the mask is mandatory everywhere so I am wearing a mask for 9 and more hours every day. So trust me. 100% cotton mask and makeup free with thermal water and a light moisturiser with spf (La Roche Posay has a great one), change your mask when it's moiste and you won't face any problems.

  6. I started washing my cloth masks in regular detergent and got a really terrible rash on my face and neck. I switched to a fragrance free and dye free formula and have had no problems. Just a head up

  7. Great tips, thank you.

  8. Hot and flashy (chloe)did this 5 months ago.

  9. It was super helpful! Thank you!

  10. I have rosacea and FINALLY had a skincare routine that worked wonders…. until the masks… it's like nothing works anymore and it's so bad right now. 🙁

  11. Wow, your eye make up is so beautiful

  12. Here’s a hack: stand up to the communists and refuse to comply.

  13. This cut suits you the most!

  14. If the masks work, why do we need a vaccine? If the vaccine works why do we need to wear masks? Why are you all still believing this craziness? Save your skin put your masks in the bin!

  15. Hi! I'm a physician. Masks do not work if they are wet. They cease functioning if they are wet or become soiled with setting spray, toner, face, oil, sunscreen, anything that will alter the structure of the filter/fibers/fabric weave. Not only will they become difficult to breathe through, but solvents, such as alcohol, can dissolve the woven nanofibers. No drying will resolve the mask and make it functional again after things such as setting spray are applied. If it is a multiple use mask, you must wash it after spraying it with toner. If it is a single use mask, you should dispose of it after spraying it with toner. For the same reason, you should not wash your mask with fabric softener.

  16. hi, im allergic to masks and make up. What should i do if the police catch me wearing neither?

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