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#1 Absolute Best Remedy for Dry and Wrinkled Hands

#1 Absolute Best Remedy for Dry and Wrinkled Hands

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Lotion may actually make your hands drier. Give this remedy for dry and wrinkled hands a try instead.

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0: 00 Introduction: Fix dry and wrinkled hands
0: 25 Will lotion fix dry hands?
2: 13 The microbiome on your skin
4: 57 The pH of the skin
5: 25 Focusing on what’s going on internally
6: 20 How to fix dry and wrinkled hands
8: 00 The best dry hands remedy
11: 04 Check out my video on anti-aging!

Today, I’m going to share the best remedy for dry hands. It’s important to keep in mind that everything you put on your skin gets absorbed into the bloodstream and goes to the liver.

You need to make sure everything you put on your skin is safe. Many personal care products and even tap water contain chemicals that deplete vitamins and are harsh to the skin.

There are friendly (non-harmful) microbes that live on your skin, which are essential for your skin and your health. It’s vital to have a healthy environment for the microbes on your skin.

Your skin’s pH is acidic, and if your pH becomes more alkaline, many different problems can occur. So, it’s important to make sure what you put on your skin won’t mess with your skin’s pH.

It’s also important to focus on your diet and what’s going on internally with your body to help fix different problems that are happening externally. Lowering your carbs and doing intermittent fasting is a great place to start.

How to fix dry hands:
1. Avoid things that make them dry (like petroleum-based lotions)
2. Put fat-soluble vitamins back into the hands (vitamin A, D, E, and K)
3. Don’t continually kill the friendly microbes on your skin without giving them time to replenish

The best home remedy for dry hands:

1 egg yolk
1 tsp. (14g) raw honey (preferably manuka honey)
2 tbsp. (26g) extra virgin olive oil

Mix the ingredients in a bowl and apply the mixture to your hands. Leave the mixture on your hands for 20 minutes, and then wash your hands. It’s best to do this two times a week, right before you go to bed.

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Thanks for watching! Try this simple and effective remedy for dry and wrinkled hands.

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  1. You make me smile, you’re so funny, informative and kind.

  2. Just tell us the vegetables….I hate these long infomercials…..

  3. I don’t use eggs, can u suggest any other alternative for egg?

  4. I just tried it 3x and OMG! It did wonders……..I feel like my hands appears 5 yrs younger just applying the remedy few days ago! Thank you Dr Burg❤

  5. Cant believe no-one commented on the before and after pic,hilarious, as if theyre the same hand!

  6. Can we use it on dry feet either?

  7. Thank you very much doc.Your amazing.

  8. I came from USSR 40 years ago and this recipe was the most common facial mask known at that time I used it many times my self I would expect something more interesting and progressive from the doctor

  9. Dr Eric Berg is actually 88 years old…..

  10. Thanks horses -farmer -gardener-will do will just use local raw honey-manuka-not local too expensive-

  11. My 4 yr old daughter's little hands are so red from frequent washing. Is this egg yolks remedy safe to use on a 4 year old? Should a 4 year old leave it on for less time?

  12. Can I do this for my heels too?

  13. This does not work at all.dont bother trying

  14. According to Caldwell Esselysten, MD, olive oil damages the lining of the cornorary veins, the endothelium, which contributes to heart disease and strokes.

  15. However good the info is, fake images like this just tear it down

  16. Will this remedy work on feet (dry and cracked heels) as well? I'll use it anyway and see the results 🙂

  17. Can we use this remedy on all body skin ??

  18. Now you are getting over the line.

  19. The “hands” in this vid are not from the same person! If your trying to show an example please make it truthful.

  20. I'm looking for the link you said you included at the end of the video about anti aging I don't see it as you stated it was listed.

  21. 2 different hands on pic.

  22. Wo make a nice breakfast when cooked!

  23. It was interesting to see.

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