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क्यों खाना चाहिए आपको Omega 3 || WHY DO YOU NEED OMEGA 3 FATTY ACIDS

क्यों खाना चाहिए आपको Omega 3 || WHY DO YOU NEED OMEGA 3 FATTY ACIDS

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#omega3benefits #omega3fattyacids #omega3deficiency
क्यों खाना चाहिए आपको Omega 3 || WHY DO YOU NEED OMEGA 3 FATTY ACIDS || विशेषज्ञ -डॉक्टर वी.के.मिश्रा (गैस्ट्रो एवं लिवर) || The Gastro Liver Hospital Kanpur || हॉस्पिटल में सम्पर्क करने के लिए इस नंबर पे बात करे || बात करने का समय 10: 00 सुबह से शाम 6: 00 तक :- 9956653103, 9793555775, 9793555776

Scientific facts with evidence

Dr. Vinod K.Mishra MBBS, MD, DM (Gastro) is a senior gastroenterologist , herpetologist, and endoscopist. He is an alumni of prestigious post graduate institute of medical education & research, (PGIMER) Chandigarh. He is a busy gastroenterologist performing about 1000 endoscopic procedures per month. He specializes in liver problems and all gastrointestinal diseases. He is trained in endoscopy, colonoscopy, ERCP, and endoscopic ultrasound.He has previously worked at All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi and Medical College, Jabalpur. He was President of UP chapter of Gastroenterology society.

The GASTRO LIVER HOSPITAL, where he works is a gastroenterology and herpetology super speciality hospital. Hospital has MEDICAL, and SURGICAL wings. It has ICU and plenty of accommodation facilities of different levels. The hospital performs all complicated and advanced surgeries under team of very senior and experienced gastro surgeon . All laparoscopic and open surgeries done .Advanced operations as whipple’s preocedure and oespophageal replacement s are done regularly not to mention of routine surgeries.This is possibly the only centre in north India doing cholecystectomy with intra operative ERCP on regular basis for Gall Bladder stone and CBD stones.The endoscopy unit has following facilities—-

• Endoscopy including multi band imaging.
• Colonoscopy
• Endoscopic ultrasound.
• Capsule endoscopy.
• Hydrogen breath test.
• Urea breath
• Fibro scan for liver diseases.

Currently he is working as
Dr. Vinod K. Mishra MD, DM (Gastro)
Chairman and Chief of Gastroenterology, Liver diseases and Endoscopy services at
The Gastro Liver Hospital
Swaroop Nagar Kanpur (UP), India

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#omega3benefits #omega3fattyacids #omega3deficiency #omega3supplement #omega3foods #omega3best #omega369 #omega3fishoil

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26 gedachten over “क्यों खाना चाहिए आपको Omega 3 || WHY DO YOU NEED OMEGA 3 FATTY ACIDS

  1. Kuch bhi khane k bad mere muh mey khatta flaver raheta hey… mene khata na bhi khaya ho to bhi sir iska kya matlab hey? Kya koi davai ki jarurat hey? Kuch samay bad thik ho jayega pls reply kriyega…

  2. Pani peelo thoda sir gla shukh gya Aapka sukriya jankari dene ke liye

  3. Vegetarian lifestyle is the best lifestyle.Biased doctor!!

  4. Kis tim khay omega 3 subha ya rat??

  5. Sir bachche ko polyp h but blood ana bnd ho gya achank se to kya kre kya wo koi or bimari ho skti h ya fir thik h

  6. Is there any medicine for ibs

  7. पाइल्स में इसे लेे सकते हैं

  8. But after using 2 capsule daily for 2 years my triglycerides level shoot up to 240 level and doctor recommended me to stop it

  9. वजन बढ़ाना है

  10. Have medicines for cough. Thanks

  11. Thank you very much for such important information

  12. Kya 12year boys ko acid jyada banta hai uska weight loss hua hai omega 3 de sakta hai

  13. Excellent video, Very nicely explained by Doctor saheb, God bless you Sir.

  14. Sir your all videos are very informative God bless you

  15. Sir omega 3 (1.5 g) ka kha liya tha or chest pain rehne lag gya doctor say check karaaya tho sathe test normal h

  16. सही डॉ का दर्जा भगवान् के बराबर होता है।पर dr वीमल छाजेड़ इस ओमेगा थ्री को केवल व्यापार बता रहे हैं। किस dr का विस्वास करे।

  17. Sir Agar uric acid badha ho to kya kare iske liye sir plz vedio Bana dijiye

  18. Omega 3 vs zinc magnesium capsules

  19. मेरे 11 वर्षीय पुत्र को Fatty liver Grade 3 है। Omega capsule दें सकता हूं।

  20. IBS patients can consume it or not??

  21. Is fish oil capsules good ?

  22. Thanx sir, nice video. Which is the best time to take Omega3, post dinner?

  23. 500 mg Omega3 contains 4Kcal, 1000mg contains8- 9 kcal. Means 4000cal, 9000cal???? Wt gain nahi hoga

  24. हमारे शरीर की समस्याओं को बेहतर तरीके से समझाने के लिए आपका बहुत-बहुत धन्यवाद मुझे लगता है यह जानकारी हमें किसी अन्य डॉक्टर से हजारों रुपए की फीस देकर भी नहीं मिल सकती भगवान आपका भला करें धन्यवाद

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